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Typical cost for a Chipsaway style "tart up" - Nsar
I made the mistake of washing the car at the weekend and found that it's more pock-marked than I thought and I even have a tiny rust bubble forming on the roof.

My desire for a Spec B has subsided for the time being so I'll be keeping the Legacy for a year or more so thought I might get a chipsaway style bloke to come and give it a nip & tuck.

Anyone know what kind of costs I might be into? There are probabaly three sctatches/big chips worth seeing to both front and rear as well as the roof bubble and some surface scratches where our stupid dog has jumped up at the doors when I've arrived home.

I also seem to have attracted some car-park eejits - can they suck these out or do I need a Dentaway as well?
Typical cost for a Chipsaway style - 3D Engineers
Funnily enough, Chipsaway are doing my 03 Vectra tomorrow and for the same reason.

I want a new car, but am going to hold off till Nov/Dec in the hope of financial doom for all 02/03 Range Rover owners.

The Vectra has numerous marks, nicks and dents - almost every panel including some scabby stone chips around the front window and grazes on the front and rear bumpers. He is also doing a badly scraped wheel - my goodness the car sounds rough with this description, but it goes well, the interior is perfect and hopefully the bodywork also after tomorrow. Sailed through an MOT last week.

Total cost to Chipsaway £210. I reckon this is a bargain. Will let you know how he gets on.

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Typical cost for a Chipsaway style "tart up" - Roly93
Total cost to Chipsaway £210. I reckon this is a bargain. Will let you know
how he gets on.

Crikey this is a bargain, your local chipsaway guy must be more generous than our in Reading !
Our Chipsaway guy wanted £150 just to repair a plastic bumper scuff on my Audi (metallic paint).
Typical cost for a Chipsaway style "tart up" - 3D Engineers
Benefits of living in the South West!
Typical cost for Chipsaway? - Nsar
Thanks WP - that's cheered me up.

I took it to my local filling station where two lads hand washed it, hoovered it thoroughly, polished all glass inside and out and did the dashboard with some shiny stuff + shiny tyre walls all for a tenner and all done in about 20 minutes while I sat in the sun reading the paper.

I dare say the exchequer didn't know too much about it though.......

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Typical cost for Chipsaway? - 3D Engineers
Well that was a long day for the Chipsaway guy. Took car at noon and delivered it back at 8. He came from a previous job, so was not a late starter!

Every panel (inc bumpers) bar 1 door and the mirrors had some work done.

£210 + the dreaded VAT and it looks like 100% better than before. Cannot recommend the firm enough.

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