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James May - light, fast, economical challenge - DavidHM
Anyone got any suggestions for a new engine + old bodyshell challenge?

I reckon a Renault Supercinq 1.7 Monaco with a 1.5 dCi engine, chipped to 120ish bhp, would do the job nicely.

Does anyone fancy building one? I can't find a Monaco but I have found a suitable looking GTX as a donor car.
James May - light, fast, economical challenge - retgwte
dont know about this challenge? is this something he said on the show or in his column?

if you want light/fast/economical

you need a mega light car

something like the Citroen AX, which was eventually forced off the road by being too light to have any chance of passing the new crash tests

stick a modern fast 16 valve engine in it, maybe the one out of a Suzuki Swift Sport would be good

would be a pocket rocket but not very safe


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