04 2.0 fuel injection pump - jsim174155
I have a Vauxahall Zafira 2.0 DTi Design 04 plate and recently I have had the engine management light coming on and when this comes on I am loosing revs no matter what gear I am in, this cleared when the engine was restarted and would clear for a short time.

Now the car is chugging and spluttering when driven and sometimes cuts out. I took it to a garage and they advised I change the fuel filter which I did and it lasted about 2 months and the same problems occured.

I then took it to another garage and they put it on a machine that gave me a code of P1222 - fuel injection pump invalid status malfunaction. What does this mean and what do I need to fix this? The vehicle is parked up at the moment as it will hardly drive at all. PLease help me thanks you.
04 2.0 fuel injection pump - Screwloose

Hmmm; that's not a nice code to see on one of those.

P1222; Fuel injection pump - malfunction. High pressure fault.

First question; has anything other than proper diesel ever been put in the tank?
04 2.0 fuel injection pump - jsim174155
there has never anyting other than diesel that I know of that was put in the tank but when the fuel filter was changed it was like thick runny tar like. There was once injecteor fluid put through the diesel as recommended by the garage.

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04 2.0 fuel injection pump - oilrag
"like thick runny tar like."

Hi jsim, Do you mind me asking, have you had the car from new? and what diesel has it been run on?


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04 2.0 fuel injection pump - jsim174155
Hi! I got the car when it was 6 months old and prior to that it was a company car. It is just normal diesel from the pump that is it run on.
04 2.0 fuel injection pump - Screwloose

Runny and tar-like....

That's interesting; either a bacteriological infestation growing in the diesel, or it's getting contaminated with engine oil; possibly from a cracked injector, or pump fault.

Additive shouldn't cause this. It's the use of "bio-diesel" that I was checking for.
04 2.0 fuel injection pump - topbloke
when the injector seals leak what they actually do is suck engine oil into the fuel system my guess is this is whats happened you would need to look in the fuel tank to confirm and if so then the injector bridge seals will need changeing and a full system flush
04 2.0 fuel injection pump - kath71
I have an 08 zafira petrol. It have been in the garage for 6 weeks due to a fuel oump fault.

I have been told that it is a problem across the fleet and until the problem is solved and new pumps manufactured I'm not getting it back any time soon. The time scale for the is problem is 'how long is a piece of string'!

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