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1986 1.8 weird panel light on - wrigley
HI all

can you help, my mate knocked my door this afto and has just bought this volvo 740 for pennys i think and he asked me what this light is on the dash board its on the left hand bottom of the clock cluster below the fuel gauge and looks like a capitol T that has fallen over to the right and is in a triangle if you understand is goes on and off and also the fuel gauge is also not working I dont know if that is connected in any way? any ideas guys

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1986 1.8 weird panel light on - defender
the T shaped symbol is the lambasond ?? emission sensor,
checking the flame trap and the air filter might help
the fuel guage is possibly corrosion on the tank sender unit earth which was a common problem
1986 1.8 weird panel light on - wrigley
thanks for that i,ll check those items and report back
1986 1.8 weird panel light on - wrigley
new information

the car is actually a 940se K reg 92/93ish does this have any bearing on the information given
1986 1.8 weird panel light on - drivewell
It's certainly not a 1.8. May well be 1986cc (B200 engine) - or 2316cc (B230 engine).

Suspect a 940 SE would be the 1986 cc unit. It will have a CAT, which explains the lambda sensor light. As has been mentioned, fuel gauge could be earthing, although the sender unit on these was not noted for being the most trouble-free. IIRC, it includes a lift pump, and was between £150 - £200 to replace when they were current.

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