01 1.0 Air con fan control - neiljules

My dads Y Reg micra has just had its air con recharged and now the 4 speed fan control only runs on the fastest speed, with or without the air-con on?

Could the garage that did the recharge have done something to upset the fan control??

They say its unrelated and his new problem is a job for the main dealer....

Any advice or technical knowledge on how to fix would be app.. cheers.
01 1.0 Air con fan control - eastenddoy
the fault is fan resistor which should be located in the air duckting between the fan motor and heater. i don't know where it will be on you car it should be an easy fix a bit of removeing say the glove box
01 1.0 Air con fan control - McP
A very common fault on Nissans.
You need a heater fan resistor.

The resistor is located behind the glovebox. No need to remove the glovebox. Just look up.
There is a connector with 4 or 5 wires on. Squeeze the latch on it to remove the plug.
There are 2 crosshead screws either side of the connector. Pull to remove. It looks like a credit card

A new resistor will cost £25-£35 from the Nissan dealer.

If you can solder, the resistor can be repaired by scratching either side of the 'blob' on the card to expose copper and re-soldering.


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