00 2.0HDi Won't start!!! - fjoss1981

I have a 2000 306 Hdi, she has been running fine for the last while after a few problems, one being changing the low pressure fuel pump in the tank. But she has been running great.

At the weekend i put £20 of maxol fuel in which is 5% biodiesel. then after a trip of 80 miles i refilled the car to the neck, this was 4 days ago. The carf and been starting and running great.

This moring i went to start the car and she will not start. The batt is great as it is new and the car just keep turning over but will not start. almost as if there is no fuel, but there is a full tank. I have tried a rolling start down a hill but this would not start her either.

any ideas what the problem might be?


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00 2.0 Won't start!!! - Whisky
Try disconnecting the battery and go and get a cup of tea then connect it back up. Works on my 406 HDi when it has a similar "fit" to yours.
00 2.0 Won't start!!! - Screwloose

When you turn the key on; does the tank pump run for about ten seconds?
00 2.0 Won't start!!! - fjoss1981
didnt notice this this morning to be honest but usually you can hear it. i have a feeling the fuel filter could be blocked just hopeing it is not the fuel pump again
00 2.0HDi Won't start!!! - johnreeves
Dissconnect air inlet and give a spray of easy start. I had similar problem and this was what breakdown guy from AA used.
00 2.0HDi Won't start!!! - RichardW
Whilst easy start may get it started in the short term, it is not a long term solution - and in any case if the ECU is not injecting any diesel (likely in this case, since unless there is a gross loss of compression, if diesel is being injected it will start) the engine will stop as soon as the easy start runs out - and if you're lucky you won't have damaged anything.

Try getting someone to thump the bottom of the fuel tank whilst you are cranking it - if the LP pump is playing up, then this can bring it back to life. Also check that the fuel cut off under the bonnet has not activated (my mate had trouble with his 306 and found that this had happened for no reason). After that there is little you can do without getting it plugged into a decent scanner where you can read off the live data whilst cranking to see what is not working.
00 2.0HDi Won't start!!! - fjoss1981

Got the car towed to the mechanic last night, and tried to tow start it a few times, the engine starts and runs, but nothing happens when trying to accerlate, and when the clutch was dipped the engine would die, so no diesiel is being injected into the engine. hopefully its a small problem, thanks for the help guys

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