03 2.0 HDi - Comfort spheres - richjenn13
Anyone had any experience of "Comfort Spheres" on a C5.
I have a 2003 HDi estate, it rides terrible compared to my older Citroens.
IFHS make these spheres, but refuse to reveal specs(!?)

Any hints generally on C5 suspension comfort improvements?


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Comfort spheres - Collos25
They are exactly the same as normal spheres but with less pressure in them readily available if you search the web they do not make a lot of difference, the three C5s I have owned have all had very good suspension as with the xm we still have .
Comfort spheres - Collos25
Try this for starters
Comfort spheres - I'm a Pane
C5's had two different suspension set ups, with lower spec models doing without an additional ?2 spheres. Something I didn't realise at the time when I looked at them-I had driven an 'exclusive' which had them and an sx which didn't and the difference was noticable. I actually prefered the sx-it was firmer and seemed less floaty, but certainly was not the 'magic carpet' ride associated with Citroen (which frankly made me feel a little queasy!). Best solution would probably be to look for a high spec model and try it first-if the ride is more to your liking then some form of aftermarket/retrofit to this spec should be possible. If you don't then its probably not worth doing anything apart from accept the C5 as it is.
03 2.0 HDi Joggly ride on C5 - richjenn13
I've recently bought a 2003 2.0 Hdi LX estate.
The ride is a real disappointment - treats bumps like a Golf - which after years of BX's is a blow!

Anyone had any success in making a C5 ride like a proper Citroen?

I'm looking at "Comfort Spheres", but tech specs of these unobtainable due to unaccountable secrecy on the part of the manufacturer, IFHS.
Any one tried these, and with what success?

Anyone found a specialist who has tweaked things via the suspension computer? - potentially a great idea, but Dealers don't seem to be interested/informed.

Thanks very much to all.

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03 2.0 HDi Joggly ride on C5 - glowplug

You could take a look at this thread for some discussion on the topic -


03 2.0 HDi Joggly ride on C5 - bygumlad
does anyone know how to change spheres on here, got to do rear ones on my mates c5 estate
03 2.0 HDi Joggly ride on C5 - mjm
Have a look at


Chapter and verse.