02 2.0 Battery removal - Aretas
I have water accumulating in the plenum chamber which houses the battery. Presumably it is a blocked drain hole but to access it I need to remove the battery.

Haynes implies I can disconnect the battery without a problem (I do know the radio code). Can anyone confirm that this car doesn?t suffer any kind of electrical gremlins when removing the battery?

Many thanks
02 2.0 Battery removal - Screwloose

If it's got ESP then it'll lose the steering angle sensor calibration at the very least.

I'd keep it powered by some means from another battery.
02 2.0 Battery removal - elekie&a/c doctor
No real problems here.As Mr. SL has suggested the steering angle sensor may need a reset but usually does it itself after a short drive.This is a minor issue compared to the damage all that water can do.Also a good idea to remove the battery support frame to gain access to the blocked rubber drain "tulip".hth
02 2.0 Battery removal - Aretas
Thanks for the info. I'll sort it tomorrow.
02 2.0 Battery removal - christo
I don't think that you have to remove the battery to get to the two drain holes. You need to remove the rubber strip that holds the plastic cover/grill on the bulkhead. Then look at the bottom of the 'chamber' and there should be two drain holes silted up. Clear the holes by small brush etc and the water should run out. Clean up the bottom of the chamber with old rags and replace the plastic cover and strip.

The chamber should dry out over the next 24 hours as it's well ventilated and heat from the engine (if the car is driven) should also help.
02 2.0 Battery removal - 659FBE
One drain hole is under the battery and the battery tray has to be removed to get at it. The other is in the "well" for the servo vacuum chamber. I would recommend discarding the bungs and at the same time, checking the pollen filter housing seals.

It's very easy to maintain electrical power via the socket in the boot which is live all the time. At the very least, it saves resetting the clock and the radio.


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