1.9D, the old smoker, quits in time for MOT.. - oilrag
The Old School, indirect injection, noise, SMOKE and vibration Diesel.

Every year its struggled with the smoke test, either needing to go out again for a redline thrashing, ( despite an hours worth the night before) or as last year getting through on a few decimal points.

This cars is SWMBO`s community work vehicle and never gets over 2,000 revs. Also we never go anywhere in it, its just for work and the City nearby.

Every year, pre MOT, I have to thrash it up and down the local motorway sliproads in third to the limiter. It more or less blacks out the motorway on the first run, you can do this 8 times before it diminishes but its still there.

Last, night I anticipated the same in preparation for todays MOT, but not so. To my amazement, there was a greyish black HAZE on the first full throttle third gear, to the limiter run, but after that almost nothing to be seen.

Put it in for MOT this AM and it was massively under the max smoke limit.

Questioning SWMBO, she has switched garages last year, now filling up with a different fuel near her work instead of the well known (also) major fuel brand (normal derv, not extra priced) we have have used for years.

That`s a real shocker as I don`t believe in any of this, or fuel additives but that`s the only variable from previous years. It goes without saying given my beliefs, fuel additives have never been used.

Now, I should say that the Local Authority MOT testers, have always stamped on the pedal on the smoke test. This year a local garage did the test and there`s always the thought that they may apply the smoke test properly, rather than flooring the throttle in a stamping motion.

But really all the evidence was there last night, smoke massivly reduced. Now much as I don`t believe it, different fuel and its effects over the last few Months can be the only reason....

Any thoughts or similar experiences?
1.9D, the old smoker, quits in time for MOT.. - oldnotbold
On a related note, is there any truth in the rumour that pure bio-diesel creates far fewer particles in the exhaust, which may therefore "help" a chronic smoker get through the test?
1.9D, the old smoker, quits in time for MOT.. - Xena
Go on then - tell us the brand names of the fuel you're talking about.
1.9D, the old smoker, quits in time for MOT.. - gordonbennet
Hi Oilrag.

You and i differ in our opinion of the old snake oils.

I would think your change in fuel has helped clean your injectors, and possibly the crowns of pistons as well.

I've been a long time user of millers, and just the other day i found a link to some tests performed at a university, with before and after pictures of the pistons and injectors from a diesel engine using millers diesel additive. A quite amazing cleaning action.

I don't know how well the tests were conducted, so i wouldn't try to sway anybody to use the stuff as i do, and for the life of me i can't remember what i was looking at or which site it linked me too, obviously they were motoring sites.

Maybe someone else has seen this and could provide a link, most interesting.

The millers is supposed to raise the cetane rating of the fuel as well, i wonder if the fuel you are now using has a better burn?

Maybe mrs Oilrag is doing italian tune ups of her own, have you checked the tyre edges for tell tale shredding, is the drain pipe exhaust a give away, have the pedals been replaced with drilled alloy ones, are we losing the plot...-;)

All the best
1.9D, the old smoker, quits in time for MOT.. - oilrag
Interesting GB ;)

SWMBO denies Italian tune ups, but I feel my anti fuel additive attitude is no longer on safe ground. I have already had the disquieting thought `Which One?` ;)

Of course I`m trying to suppress that, but....

If things go on like this I might have to try try out a `Luxo-barge` ;) a term always never intended to apply to your own cars, by the way, as you don`t come over with a `Pomp and Gloat` attitude and thats what the definitions jestingly aimed at really;)

Never been in one... and you have me rattled with that `Electric Handbrake` comment in the other thread. Never heard of one, honest.

I once got as far as a BMW showroom and later was looking at an auto Merc, (in around 1990) but somehow just can`t shake off my austerity 50`s upbringing. Hence actually being happy motoring in a dog kennel.... Sad but true ;) Shakes the pot pig on the shelf to hear that extra 5p rattle...

All the Best to You Too!

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1.9D, the old smoker, quits in time for MOT.. - oilrag
"Go on then - tell us the brand names of the fuel you're talking about`"

I don`t feel comfortable doing that, as given the spread and enduring nature of posts that potentially spread across the Usenet permanently, it may give commercial advantage or disadvantage. Its not `proven` in a scientifically meaningful way either.


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1.9D, the old smoker, quits in time for MOT.. - ifithelps
tell us the brand names of the fuel you're talking about."
I don`t feel comfortable doing that >>


Your determination to look after the interests of oil companies is commendable, if only they would show the same concern for their customers in return.

I agree it would be wrong of you to attempt to annihilate a sole trader on the web, but an oil company is big enough and ugly enough to accept someone merely saying: 'My car seems to go better on BP than Shell,' or whatever the brands may be.

Be nice to think a few words in the Backroom could send a giant multi-national to the wall, but I doubt it.

1.9D, the old smoker, quits in time for MOT.. - oilrag
"but an oil company is big enough"

Sure, I agree ifithelps. But I was thinking more of the filling station. Memories of the proprietor of one who was slowly going broke in the 90`s as everyone drove past him and filled at the Supermarket.

Anyway, no harm in posting the one that`s been used recently and the fuel of which *may* have had a positive effect. SWMBO`s going to look at the brand next time there, as such things don`t register on here `radar` as being of sufficient worth to remember. ;)

1.9D, the old smoker, quits in time for MOT.. - oilrag
Its Total. Its been literally years on another fuel, but switched to a Total garage, exclusively, (post MOT) last year.

Why? Well the Total garage is `on the patch` for SWMBO who, for the first time in years started to refuel her own car, rather than me taking it up to the other brand garage near home.


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