1998 1.2 Cam belt change - spinitboy1
Hi, wonder if you could advise when the cambelt is due to be changed on this model. Its the basic 1.2 (no PAS or elec windows etc).
The 1 i am considering buying has done 57,000 miles and is 10 yrs old, but am just concerned that if I get it, will prb need to do the cambelt.
thanks in advance
1998 1.2 Cam belt change - scotmech
According to Autodata ...

72000 miles or 5 years ...
1998 1.2 Cam belt change - DannyBoy0110
around 72,000 miles. I have a 1999 1.2 clio. Same basic model and had the cam belt changed at 71,000.

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