02 Changing offside sidelight - halsteadk
Hi, I need to change the sidelight bulbs on the above car. The offside I can at least open up but looks like it will be impossible and fiddly to reach unless I become double-jointed and can do it blindly; access to the nearside is completely blocked by the battery, but would then suffer the same issue. There would be the same problem with the main beam bulbs! Can anyone offer any advice - is this a headlight assembly out job?! Thanks.

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02 Changing offside sidelight - halsteadk
The easiest solution to this does indeed seem to be to remove the headlight units, according to various posts at www.hyundaicoupe.info. You can then much more easily access the sidelight and/or main beam bulbs and cables.

In practice, the simplest solution was to wait for it to fail its MOT today (the sidelights not exactly being a major safety feature so I was happy to use the car without them for a week) and let the garage replace them for £5 each - about the same as the bulbs would have cost.

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