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05 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - Hughm
My 36K miles 2 litre (136) diesel 407 occasionally shows signs of a slipping clutch (revs increase, speed does not) at around 2-3,000 rpm in 4th and 5th gear. Peugeot are wriggling (unable to get it to slip) and as yet have not admitted that there is a fault. They are saying that if the clutch is slipping because of 'fair wear and tear' that I will be faced with a £700+ bill. For a 2 year old clutch?

Has anyone experienced the fault before and successfully had the clutch (or dual mass flywheel!) replaced at Peugeot's expense?

I understand that under 20K miles it's automatic that the clutch is replaced - but above 20K - who knows!

All comments are really appreciated.

Kind Regards


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2005 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - ah1
My 37K miles 2litre (136) diesel 407 SW - when i bought this car second hand at 20K miles in 2007 that i thought it showed signs of clutch slipping. When i was cruising about 40mph it started stuttering and it was as if i needed to change down a gear. Also sometimes when picking away it was as it if was slipping. Over the last few days it sounded as if the exhaust or the front had a judder or something loose underneath. Today when doing a 5mile round trip I noticed a burning smell coming from it and smoke was coming from the clutch. I had it taken to a local garage and will have to contact Peugeot garage tomorrow in the hope it will be covered under the warranty. But after reading your blog i dont think i have any chance of getting it.

Kind regards

2005 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - Hughm
There is hope!

I decided to play things 'cool' just to see how far I'd get.

Today Peugeot UK have offered 50% (£350) which, whilst I'm disappointed, is not that bad ....

If it then means the clutch is warranted for another 20K miles then I regard this as a result!

The dealer and PUK are being very pleasant and civilised about it all. Would I REALLY get more if I stamped my foot and shouted? And then there's my BP to consider.

Kind Regards

2005 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - ah1
Alas I havent had any luck today!

Spent the day trying to get peugeot to price me for a new clutch and all i get is them telling me that until they remove it they wont know the extent of the repair and whether it has damaged the fly wheel to which would mean another £300 - £500. So i would be faced with a bill of up to £1200.

I have not had anyone offering me half price! How did you get Peugeot Uk to agree to this was your car in the garage? My car is at home until i decide what i can afford to do with it. I have just spoken to the dealer in Glasgow who sold me the car. Did you contact PUK independantly?

Glad you have got a discount.

Kind Regards

2005 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - Hughm
Yes I did - they told me to go through the Dealership.

The Dealership then went back to PUK and they phoned me. Now the Dealership is chasing me to have the work done!

But the slip is minor and not repeateable + I might be selling the car .....

Kind Regards

2005 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - Peter D
Careful, if you sell it and the new owner has the slip and contact Pug and they say they knew about the problem then the owner has comeback on you. All TDI/HDI are heavy on clutch wear as most of the drivers use the high torque and acceleration and changing gear between 1 and second and flooring it caused a lot of heat/ slippage thus wearing the clutch. If you were and engineering type you would not rush the gear change on an HDI/TDI and PD versions. There have been clutch and flywheel DM's at 20 and 25K and lassie blew hers in 22K by reversing up and out of her drive everyday just by slipping the clutch with too much throttle. She blamed VW and VW blamed her as the flywheel was blue. Regards Reter
2005 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - Hughm
I disagree.

A clutch either works or it doesn't. It is either designed for the torque of the engine to which it is connected or it isn't. It does the job or doesn't do the job.

If it fails after a few 10s of thousands of miles it was not designed correctly in the first place. It is PUG's responsibility NOT the users. Get the design right rather than blame the driver.

If you believe that the USER needs to be careful when changing gear then the same argument could be used for any other part that breaks. Result? Anything that goes wrong will be blamed on the driver:' You should have been more careful turning on the lights - we have used a delicate switch mechanism'. Er, no.

No, I expect to use the gearbox and clutch in exactly the same manner as I have for 30+ years. If the components are not up to that useage then please, do not blame me, yake it up - as I shall do - with the manufacturer.

Incidently, I do have an Engineering Degree.

Hugh Milsom
2005 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - geran
Hi, 36K on a clutch sounds unbelievable!! I have run Peugeot's for years and have only replaced one clutch, this is on my current 2002 306 2.0ltr HDI and this was after it had covered 84,000miles, clutch cost around £100 inc Vat and £175 to fit.

But to have to change one at 36K I would presume you had towed a caravan for the whole distance!! just doesn't sound right to me.

2005 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - Bromptonaut
2000/X Hdi 110 Xantia still on its original clutch at 100k. No slip but quite a lot of release bearing rattle when cold; garage advise adjustment is at limit and replacement is appraoching. As it's mostly used as station hack and back up it can wait a bit longer!!
2005 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - Hughm

Peugeot have offered £350 toward sthe cost of a replacement clutch but if the dual mass flywheel needs to be changed also then they will NOT confirm that they will pay the costs involved!

I should have kept my mouth shut and just sold the car with its slipping clutch. The flywheel replacement is over £1,000 I guess ...

This could be very expensive.

Hugh Milsom
2005 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - ah1
I contacted P UK directly and tried to get them to replace my clutch on my 407 which was slipping but they refused to. They say that they had no great number of faults reported on 407's to date and therefore I would have to get the garage to take it apart first to determine the fault ie me or manufacturing which could cost up to £1200 as stated before.

A mechanic friend who works in a local peugeot garage told me that if the clutch goes, the flywheel generally goes too and because its such a long hard job to replace it garages prefer to do the full job to save them going in to do the other part another time.

I ended up contacting the garage i bought the car from and found out that the car i bought from them had previously been a hired car through peugeot UK therefore anyone and anything could have been pulled, layden, and carried in it within the 20,000 miles it had done before i got it.

The outcome was that I arranged a trade in with the garage fully aware of the circumstances and gave me a decent price considering the situation.

They intended to get it fixed free through peugeot!

Ironic they wouldnt fix it for me but would get it fixed to sell again!!!!!!!

05 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - ahill9012

I have had exactly the same problem with my 06 model, I took it in for a service and complained that the clutch was slipping they reported nothing could be found!! (whilst still under warranty) and now 3 months later the very same garage tell me I need a full clutch replacement, and of course the warranty has now run out!!! I face an £800 pound bill this morning - do you ever feel you've been cheated?
Have you had any further recourse on your clutch replacement? Please let me know, they shouldn't be able to cheat people like this. Think I'll contact Watchdog or somebody!!!


05 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - Robin the Technician
Hi Tony,
If you reported you had a slipping clutch within the warranty period and three months later after the warranty has expired they say you need a new clutch you should dispute this with the dealership and Peugeot. There is no way I would pay for this - you reported your concern within warranty and they should replace it for free. Having worked for a major (now defunct) car manufacturer in the past, it was common practice for out of warranty claims to be settled if reported within the warranty period. Obviously it has to be within a resonable period but I don't think three months is unreasonable. Fight them tooth and nail on this - it should be replaced FOC.

hope this helps

05 2.0HDi - Slipping Clutch? - Hughm
I did in fact labour on for about a year after the initial slip as it improved greatly but it got really bad recently.

At 46K I booked it in for a new clutch.

Upon disassembly they found a high spot on the clutch plate itself but "no damage" to the DMF and they were happy for it to be reused. Driveshaft seals were also replaced.

For this they wanted about £600.

I protested to PUK and they gave me a 25% 'goodwill' gesture which I accepted without prejudice.

The bill came to £447 which I paid this morning.

The clutch is somewhat fierce now which I assume will settle down after a while.

Hugh Milsom
Pug problem - The Rev 1
Hi, ive owned a 407SW for about 9 months, its an 04 and done 88,000 miles, ive had a few problems with it since buying it, clutch, ball joint, starting motor, all in all tho to drive is a great car, good looking, and smooth, however my problem..

lately when ive been driving im getting a noise coming from either the engine compartment or the wheel arch which is a vrum vrum vrum noise, almost as if something is rubbing as the wheels go round, but it only does it when im using the accelartor, and gets faster as the car goes faster, but if i take my foot of the pedal the noise fades away, which would indicate to me that its not actually something catching on the wheels, otherwise it would be doing it all the time.. the noise has started to get louder, it doesnt however do this all the time, most times but not all the time.. does this sound like a flywheel problem to anyone, id take it to the garage but they want a million quid just to look at it.. your ideas and input would be appreciated.

many thanks

The Rev

Pug problem - lordbigsack
Hi, i am also experiencing slipping clutch problems on my 05 407sw 136 hdi. It has covered 120k but had the fly wheel and clutch replaced at 105K miles. making a grand total of 15K miles on a new clutch! The work was performed by the garage I bought the car from, which is an independant dealer in york. I bought the vehicle dec 08 and the slipping started at the weekend (23-jan-10). Would i have any rights to take this back to the garage/peugeot. I was assured at the time that genuine Pug parts were being used.

Thanks in advance


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