57 diesel 6000 CDC Radio - Fuses ?? - autumnboy

My Transit works van has a 6000CDC radio and has recently stopped working.

There are no handbooks/manuals for the van or radio, where can I find the fuses for the radio.

If I need to remove the radio for any fuses at the rear, how do I remove it.


57 diesel 6000 CDC Radio - Fuses ?? - 547HEW
Fuse No. 73, 15 amp colour blue. located in Passnger junction box,

Passenger Junction Box is located behind Standard Relay Box, which is behind the glove box.

Open glove box and, by pressing sides inwards, allow glove box to pivot downwards.

Now remove Standard Relay Box, not quite sure how this is done but you dont need tools. There are two clips. Ensure both clips re-engage on re-fitting. If you do not hear a click, the box is not re-fitted properly.

Why has Fuse 73 blown? It powers the Navigation unit if fitted, and also supplies the phone , if fitted.

Lastly , you may need the code for the radio, although it may be synchronised to the vehicle.


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57 diesel 6000 CDC Radio - Fuses ?? - autumnboy


This is the first chance I've had to reply.

Yes the fuses and relays are behind the Glovebox.

But it seem different to as you discribe, as behind a cover covering the fuses and relays. The fuses are in two lines above several relays and do not appear to be removeable. Also the highest No. is 53 I think, some have symbols for such as wipers and horn and others refer to the handbook which I don't have.

Is there a fuse at the back of the radio as the older radio's had. ?

thanks again

57 diesel 6000 CDC Radio - Fuses ?? - 547HEW

Re reading the manual I dont think you have yet reached the "passenger junction box"

For instance fuse 53 is in the "standard relay box" , which you have to remove in order to access the "passenger junction box".

From the manual, I deduce that the "standard relay box" is taken off intact, i.e. with its lid still on. Also I think it plugs into the "passenger juction box".

have another look at it!

I dont know what the tools look like for removing the radio, or whether there is a seperate fuse contained in the back of the unit. Maybe someone else does.
57 diesel 6000 CDC Radio - Fuses ?? - autumnboy
Thanks I'll check again when I get chance.

Just to clarify we are looking at the same model of Transit.

Mine is a Diesel 57 plt, Long Wheel Base box van.

When I removed the glove box, I then had to remove a cover which then exposes fuses along the top two rows and the relays below. The inside of the cover lists all the fuses and relays.

57 diesel 6000 CDC Radio - Fuses ?? - 547HEW
The manual I have applies to all vans , chassis cabs, etc for 06MY onwards, so i am pretty sure it applies to yours.

The sketch in the book shows the box which you have taken the cover off. Put the lid back on it and remove the box complete.

The sketch shows clip at either end on the top of the box, (behind the clips which hold the standard relay box LID on)

They give a hint when refitting this box "Make sure you engage both clips when re-fitting the standard relay box. You have not fitted it properly if you do not hear a click".

Its probably dark down there, and if the clips are black plastic you may not see them?


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