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03 1.4 Indoor light Warning - Everybody's Fool
Was doing some maintenance yesterday on my beloved C3, including regular checks & pumping up tyres.

Went to drive to work this morning & a warning beep went off, along with the indoor light flashing, drove for a couple of minutes & continued to do this.

No indication on the dashboard as to what it could be, i.e. low petrol or leaving the handbrake on etc.

I have checked my handbook & cannot see anything in there which relates to this.

Any idea what this might be???

03 1.4 Indoor light Warning - Pugugly
What is an "indoor" light ?
03 1.4 Indoor light Warning - Everybody's Fool
The interior light, above the handbrake. I've check the h-book again & it is because the boot wasn't shut properly.

All sorted, thanks.

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