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96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - kristianc4
on the oil change does the oil filter just screw off and hw much capacity does this 306 hold so i know how much oil to buy thanks

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 23/04/2008 at 19:03

96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - aimcarthur
Yes it unscrews (anti-clockwise). Your handbook should say (but note with or without oil filter capcities).
96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - kristianc4
with the oil filter capcitity please thanks, ive lost my manual
96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - nortones2
Buy 5 litres - then you will probably have some spare. Don't rush it - you don't want to overfill!
96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - aimcarthur
To be perfectaly fair, why are you undertaking an oil change yourself, when you are asking such simple questions ?
96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - happytorque
Please dont think im being rude, but do you know what you are doing?
96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - pendulum
"Does the oil filter just screw off" - well, that depends on whether it's stuck on or not. Many are difficult to remove. If it's the same 1.9TD in the 306 that's in my ZX, and it probably is, then it wants 4 litres to get it to the middle of min and max on the dipstick.
96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - L'escargot
then it wants 4 litres to
get it to the middle of min and max on the dipstick.

That would be convenient, because some brands of oil are sold in 4 litre containers.
96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - thomp1983
really would suggest you get a haynes manual as it covers a lot of the basic servicing stuff. also you'll probably need a filter wrench to remove the oil filter, i personally find the strap variety to be the best, or the old screwdriver hammered through it method will work but is messy


Edited by thomp1983 on 24/04/2008 at 17:25

96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - Martin1981
I normally put in 4 1/4 litres to bring the level to a fraction below the max notch on the dipstick.

The oil filter can be a right pain to remove, especially if it has been screwed on tight and/or if it has been on for a long time. I have a chain wrench which I have found works fine in removing the filter. Other than that, these cars are an abosolute doddle on which to perform basic servicing.

96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - barrold

Hey Guys, I have just purchased 306 td (R reg) and having a few problems with what can only be described as sprayed oil over the engine? It isnt leaking onto the road but it does have a faint smell once driven. I dont know that much about cars but have had the hood up and had a look around. It seems that the oil fitre is new (ish) but around it there is the sprayed oil.

Am i to understand that these things can play up if not attached properly? or the fact that it may just be bust?

My question is that if I take this off will I need to change the oil? Or can it just be put back on with no worries? I think I can get hold of the wrench but could do with a helping opinion off someone who may knoiw more that I do, Namely all of you.....

Any help is appreciated...

96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - Savannah

If its the oil filter then pass on this one


Have you checked at the torque sensor? The ATF(power steering fluid) could spew through the valve if its faulty. Just check to be sure.If its ATF,then don't drive your car coz your pump will be gone soon.

Edited by Savannah on 12/09/2011 at 11:49

96 (P reg) 1.9td - Oil Change - Peter.N.

Oil filters should only be fitted hand tight, they should then be able to be unscrewed by hand. If you think the filter is leaking see if you can tighten it by hand, if not its probably OK.


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