2005 1.5 Steering Wheel/Front suspension Vibration - stepled1
i've recently purchased a 2005 Nissan Almera 1.5sx with only 20,000miles on the clock but i've noticed a vibration through the steering wheel and the car generally at speeds of 60 - 75 mph. had the wheel alignment and balancing done but still seems to be a problem. is this a design problem with the car or should i leave it in with a Nissan Dealership as it has 3 months warranty left.the car was previously " pulling" to the left and needed realignment.
any suggestions would be most appreciated.
2005 1.5 Steering Wheel/Front suspension Vibration - Dynamic Dave
and balancing done

All four wheels?
2005 1.5 Steering Wheel/Front suspension Vibration - bathtub tom
Possible buckled wheel, or accident damage repair?
You say it was pulling one way and was re-aligned.
2005 1.5 Steering Wheel/Front suspension Vibration - ToTheEndOfTheRoad
stepled1 - I had this with my 02 Almera, albeit a 2.2 diesel, for me it was a nightmare, between myself, the garage and Nissan bearing the costs, the entire front suspension was replaced (bit by bit), tracking done, the geometry of the car checked and changed, in fact at one point they had a technician down from Sunderland to come and look at it. In the end it was much better, but the problem was still there, in the end I had to get rid of the car. So to be the bearer of bad news, but thats what happend to me. If you do get it fixed please post on here as I would love to know what the cause could have been on mine. The whole experience has put me off Nissan, which is a shame because I loved mine.
2005 1.5 Steering Wheel/Front suspension Vibration - MW
If you bought it from a Nissan dealer let them deal with this 'safety issue'. Don't drive it until it is fully fixed. After all, that is why you paid £500+ over the odds, to get a cast iron main dealers guarentee.
2005 1.5 Steering Wheel/Front suspension Vibration - stepled1
since my last posting i managed to find the cause of the problem, it would seem that the steering and suspension were fine as per Nissan Dealership. the problem lay with the rear wheels which weren't balanced. the car dealership who sold me the car fitted 4 new tyres and assured me that they had been balanced, in fact they weren't as confirmed by Nissan. as all the wheels are now balanced the vibration has disappeared. Nissan also replaced the front drivers headlight free of charge, the dipped beam was not as bright as it should have been. i have written a letter of complaint to the dealership who sold me the car, it wasn't a Nissan dealership by the way.
2005 1.5 Steering Wheel/Front suspension Vibration - flatcap
I have a vibration at around 70mph, was thinking it was just the front shocks, its not too bad though. I did notice that the wheels were swapped around between seeing and buying the car, and one of the rears has been replaced (sold to me with 12mth MOT and a bald rear tyre - big franchise as well!) so maybe I should get the wheels balanced?

I had the headlamps replaced under a recall as they were very dim (I have an 03 facelift model), now they are great!


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