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01 1.6 VW Golf Mk 4 Key Fob - engineer
One of my key fobs has stopped working - changed the battery but still no change.

The spare fob works ok, but I wanted to keep two available.

Any ideas what I can try next? or any other checks?

Could it be the electronics in the key fob or the electronics in the car itself?

I understand that a new key fob is v expensive & I'm reluctant to hand it over to my local dealership.

01 1.6 VW Golf Mk 4 Key Fob - L'escargot
I've found that some plip keys are rather fragile inside. I had a Peugeot key that stopped working when I changed the battery. I tried a second new battery, but to no avail.
01 1.6 VW Golf Mk 4 Key Fob - maltrap
Duplicut do new keys £50.
01 1.6 VW Golf Mk 4 Key Fob - maltrap
i think re-callibrating only works on the car not the key,worth a try though.
01 1.6 VW Golf Mk 4 Key Fob - elekie&a/c doctor
You could try re-synchronising the key.Put working key in steering lock and ignition on.Close all doors,put non working key in drivers door lock and rotate to full lock position and hold it there ,then press one of the buttons on the remote fob.hth

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