Nissan Sunny 1.4i Auto mpg - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
Does anybody have personal experience of urban mpg with a Nissan Sunny 1.4i Automatic, 'L' reg ? I have a customer who is dissapointed with his 27-30 mpg, despite all engine set-up and functions appearing to be 100% correct. Needless to say measurement has been done correctly, full tank to full tank, mileometer checked, and consistent over 5 or 6 tankfulls. Before embarking on a measured tank test (to eliminate his driving style) I would be interested to hear any personal histories.

Regards, Adam
Re: Nissan Sunny 1.4i Auto mpg - Barry Long
My Father's Manual version of this car returns only 28 MPG and at very best 35mpg on a run. these are quite heavy cars and the injection system is a bit of a lash up. I reckon the engine needs to be driven higher in the rev range to get the best from it.

Your customer is lucky to get 27-30 from an automatic, I know someone who had an automatic subaru, which used to return only 18 - 25 mpg - now That's poor !

My father has all the mileage records for the last couple of years relating to this car ( he's a bit like that ) if you need any further confirmation - let me know

Re: Nissan Sunny 1.4i Auto mpg - D J Woollard
I bet you'll get loads of "not quite the answer" replies. So here is mine. The only figures/comparison I have is for the older model Sunny where the auto and manual both had an urban (govt) figure of 31mpg. It was at mid/higher speeds that the manual car was 8mpg better.
My gut feeling from many years of varied vehicles is that 30 mpg is fine for this auto vehicle.
I have always found it takes an exceptional driver (slow?) to achieve claimed maximum figures from an auto box.

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