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Running on biodiesel - Jzinsky
Currently the tdci engine won't run on biodiesel, does anyone know of anywhere I can get this changed as £1.20 a litre is expensive when you're a cab driver doing 600 miles a week
Running on biodiesel - Screwloose

The TDCi is completely incompatible with bio-diesel - they have enough durability issues running on the good stuff. It isn't a question of adjustment - it would need a different engine entirely.

"Bio-diesel" is a dirty word to most of the trade at the moment. It seems to mean a lot of different things - and they're all causing mayhem. It's only worth trying on old, low-value, cars.
Running on biodiesel - Jzinsky
I'm guessing that means these vegetable oil conversions are really out of the question then lol
Running on biodiesel - Badwolf
Don't do it! No really, don't! The coach firm that I work for decided to give bio-diesel a whirl over the Easter weekend. I got about half a mile from the yard in my coach when it coughed, spluttered and ground to a halt. The same thing happened to the other coaches that were away. The boss had to go from the North West to Eastbourne, then back up to the Lake District and then to Blackpool to change filters and drain the fuel tanks. The cars that we have running on bio are a pain to start first thing in the morning and the minibuses smell like a chippy.

Running on biodiesel - Blue {P}
And they decided to give this a go in several coaches at the same time??

Why not try it on one coach first and then let the others follow?

Running on biodiesel - Range Rover Blues

Another knee-jerk reaction to the word Biodiesel. Honestly, it's become such a joke amongst producers the way "mekaniks" just blame every little fault on the fuel rather than do some proper diagnosis.

The fault is not with the biodiesel, it's with the poor maintenance beforehand that lead to the poor quality of dinosaur juice you were using to foul up the fuel system!

We've been running our TDis on Bio for a year now, one was run on Bio by the previous owned before that.

I have to change fuel filters, sure, there's years of damage by fossil fuels in there to clean out. The rest of the time I just laugh at those of you who bury your heads in the sand and keep lining the chancelor's pocket!

I buy the fuel filters with the £100 a tank I'm saving.

Lights blue touch paper and retires to a safe distance.

Running on biodiesel - Fox63
I've been running my 2002 tdci Ghia on bio for the last 30,000 miles with no problems at all. However, I must stress that I make my own fuel. Always have, always will. I would never buy fuel from a commercial producer as I don't trust anybody's quality control except my own. Any diesel powered vehicle will run on properly made bio diesel....even buses. You really have to question the idiotic decisions made by poorly informed people as to the suitability of bio fuels. Of course vehicles will break down if the filters aren't changed. Why don't people do the research before changing fuels.

Change your filters as soon as you see a power reduction in your vehicle after changing to bio diesel. You may need to do this a couple of times before all the crap is cleared out of the fuel lines and tank. Bio acts as a solvent though I don't expect a newbie to know this. DO YOUR RESEARCH!
Running on biodiesel - madf
I take it you also changed all the seals to bio- resistant seals?
Running on biodiesel - speedy06
you can run on properly made bio.i run a 2006 ford mondeo on it and tried 5 litres bio with 10 litres diuesel and worked fine.recently put in 10 litres bio and 10 litres diesel and is going great.it will work it the bio is properly made.word of caution,bont use 100 percent bio.i,m not going above 50 percent.
Running on biodiesel - rtj70
All diesel has some biodiesel in it - currently at 5% I believe.

Why drag up and old thread? Makes me wonder if you'll be plugging a product soon :-)

Too much biodiesel in most UK diesel cars can cause major problems. For new ones under warranty that could be costly. But as I say all diesel has about 5% bio-diesel in it at the moment and that will rise.

I remember the handbook of my Mondeo TDCi 2003 car saying do not use any bio-diesel.

EDIT: And if using home made biodiesel for modern Common Rail injection diesels with/without DPF.... think before doing anything.... you may save nothing.

Edited by rtj70 on 23/05/2009 at 23:10

Running on biodiesel - kithmo
All diesel has some biodiesel in it - currently at 5% I believe.

Not true, I emailed Shell technical services after reading this previously on here and they do not put biodiesel in any of their diesel fuels.
I remember the handbook of my Mondeo TDCi 2003 car saying do not use any

Not true again, both my previous Mk3 Mondeo handbooks, 2001 & 2005 said the same thing (as does my current Mk4), up to 5% biodiesel is ok.
Running on biodiesel - ijws15
So what do Shell sell in France where everything has 5%?

And modern diesels are common, and generally not stopped at the side of the road with the bonnet up.
Running on biodiesel - speedy06
went on a run to manchester on 31st may 09 back to edin on 2nd june.done a 50/50 mix and all went very well.ps i make my own bio diesel and make it well as i get good advice of a friend that makes it.
Running on biodiesel - speedy06
ok,i have just put 12 litres of diesel in the car and then put in 20 litres of biodiesel to increase the percentage of biodiesel on 3/8/09.the car is running fine.
Running on biodiesel - speedy06
ok everyone out there,i have on 16/9/2009 put 10 litres of diesel and mixed it with 25 litres of bio diesel and car seems fine.
Running on biodiesel - speedy06
ok lads,i am still running on biodiesel and had a 70 percent bio mix with diesel and all went well.this was in october 2009.
Running on biodiesel - speedy06
ok everyone,went away in the caravan on 13/11/2009 for 4 days,yes the weather was wet,anywayhad about 15 pound diesel in the car and added 25 litres of bio diesel and all went fine.before coming home the tank was near empty so put 10 pound diesel in with 25 litre bio diesel,got home and car was fine on tuesday 17th november 2009.used the car on18/11/2009 and on the way back limp mode,glow plug light flashing on and off and serious loss of power,i thought trouble.got the car home and the next day i started it up and reved it to 4000 revs for 2 and a half minutes,turned off engine then started it again and all was fixed with car running fine now.
Running on biodiesel - DP
I always thought this was an inherent common rail limitation until I saw a common rail Mercedes Sprinter delivery van from a well known supermarket chain the other day proudly claiming to run on biodiesel. A quick check on their website confirmed not only this fact, but the fact they have converted their entire fleet.

Running on biodiesel - oilrag
"used the car on18/11/2009 and on the way back limp mode,glow plug light flashing on and off and serious loss of power"

Speedy, When you decide to move it on, can you give us a coded message on this thread so we can all avoid buying it?
Running on biodiesel - Ramsay
I have started running bio-diesel in my car since wed 18th nov there was just under a quater of a tank of diesel in it.
Put £20 worth of bio-diesel in it from a company who sell it.
Was running great but now i hear a sort of grinding noise when the car is stationary.
Cant pinpoint on where the noise is coming from i hope its just the fuel filter blocked though i dont seem to be loosing any power from the engine.
Iam going to try to change the fuel filter to find out if that works.
I have a ford focus 2001 tdi.
Any one any ideas on what it could be.
Running on biodiesel - Old Navy
Any one any ideas on what it could be.

Yes, you are trying to run the car on fuel it was not designed to run on. Hope you haven't done too much damage.
Running on biodiesel - gordonbennet
Just when you thought it was safe to consider a used Diesel car, a thread like this pops up somewhere to scotch that notion;-)
Running on biodiesel - oilrag
Makes a shiver run down your spine doesn`t it GB ;-)... a bit like Facebook..

Edited by oilrag on 20/11/2009 at 20:31

Running on biodiesel - oilrag
Running on biodiesel - gordonbennet
It certainly does Oily i thought things had gone quiet on the bionic fuel front, maybe increasing fuel costs have got some folk experimenting again....handy reminder though my lad's looking for another car to replace their quickly deteriorating Toledo, i'll relay this thread to him.

Never tried Facebook, though a mate of mine has met some 'friendly' types from there...gulp;-)
Running on biodiesel - oilrag
I looked into threads about bio (whatever that is) on other forums a while back and it seemed there is less activity in mid winter. I suspect a penetrating -7c frost with below freezing daytime temperatures would be devastating.
Running on biodiesel - theterranaut
Its threads like this that remind me why I bought a petrol car this time around...

(opens curtains a crack to peek at the Mazda 3 on the drive. Did I do the right thing, he thinks? Only 40 mpg, and none of that mid-range oomf that the Mondy had? I sure do miss that. And then remembers the disturbing conversation with the chap in the Delphi diesel place, his depiction of interesting failure scenarios he'd seen, and his seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge of the ins and outs of car warranty schemes. It only takes a single misfuel, you know... )

40mpg and simplicity will do, I think.
Running on biodiesel - DP
It only takes a single misfuel you know... )

I'm actually becoming less convinced by this. An unscientific survey among diesel driving colleagues confirms a) how common misfuelling is, and b) how many of these so-called delicate common rail cars have simply been refilled with diesel, and gone on to do in one case, on a Vectra CDTi, 70,000 more miles without a single hiccup. And that car was driven on petrol until it spluttered to a halt.

I wonder if at least some of the tales of huge bills to replace pumps and injectors are little more than garages spotting an opportunity to make a few quid.

I'm not saying misfuelling never ends in disaster, or that it is anything other than a bad thing to do, but I do know that it doesn't necessarily mean curtains for the fuel system.
Running on biodiesel - Altea Ego
This thread is the reason why, buying my first second hand car for 30 years, I went for a petrol unit.
Running on biodiesel - M.M
Yes and it may be good reason to only buy a used diesel from a fleet as they are less likely to have been run on homebrew.
Running on biodiesel - k9dan
This is the exact reason I dug deeply into the pocket for a new Octavia diesel, more money than I wanted to spend but guarantees the thing not mis fuelled. Hope to keep it long term so correct fuel imporant. I intend keeping all fuel receipts to prove never misfuelled (bought a fuel angel to stop that). Intend to use Shell with every 4th tank V power to keep system clean.
Running on biodiesel - speedy06

ok all you mondeo people,i am still using bio diesel and was running on 80 percent for a while and use 5 pound of garage diesel then put in 25 litres of bio diesel.now that on 27th march 2010 the garage diesel has just recently gone up to £1.15 i will be using bio all the time.

Running on biodiesel - Altea Ego

ok all you mondeo people,i am still using bio diesel and was running on 80 percent for a while and use 5 pound of garage diesel then put in 25 litres of bio diesel.now that on 27th march 2010 the garage diesel has just recently gone up to £1.15 i will be using bio all the time.

No you wont my old fruit. Your mondeo has already coughed you a warning sign in November, your pump wont last the year out.

Running on biodiesel - gordonbennet

I'm with AE on this one, surprised it's lasted this long.

There was me about to change jobs and thinking of a used Diesel.

Glad i caught up with this thread and reminded meself why i won't risk it anymore.

Running on biodiesel - corax

At some point this year, I may have to more than double my commuting distance, and I was thinking about something thats diesel and eats up the miles. My first thought was Mondeo or Avensis or Accord. I would have to buy high mileage to stay within budget. Then I saw this thread and was reminded like others why a used diesel is a lottery.

Mondeo TDCi - hit and miss, Mondeo 2.0 Petrol - no problems apart from throttle body intake flaps working loose on earlier models.

Avensis D4D - seems OK apart from some head gasket issues, Avensis 1.8 Petrol - No problems, apart from high oil consumption on earlier models.

Accord CDTi - quite a few faults listed on CBCB. Accord 2.0 Petrol - Seems faultless.

My Dads Avensis 1.8 Petrol does 40+ mpg and never breaks down.

So I think petrol wins as a car to buy at high mileage. (The Avensis is a bit dull to drive though!)

Running on biodiesel - speedy06
well you said the pump wouldnt last the year,it has and still using bio and its 13th may 2011.and still going fine.
Running on biodiesel - speedy06

ok lads who said you cant run on biodiesel,well guess what i,m still running on biodiesel and the car runs better on it.date march 27th 2012

Running on biodiesel - speedy06
ok here i am again,and still on biodiesel up untill recently,sircumstances have changed for now so having to start making my own bio now as where i was geting it from has stoped supplying it due to price.tried apple fuels in glasgow but the stuff they supply aint as good as proper bio.so starting to make it myself again.going to make a batch very soon.
Running on biodiesel - speedy06
ok have managed to get some biodiesel of my friend again that stoped making it for me,so now on bio again.put 10 pound normal diesel in the tank and 25 litres of biodiesel and 1.5litres petrol to stop the bio freezing up,all seems well.date is 18/12/2010.
Running on biodiesel - speedy06
ok have today 23/01/2011 put 25 litres bio in the tank with a bit of diesel and car still runs fine.had to put a litre and a half of petrol in when all the snow was here,with -16 temp in edinburgh.
Running on biodiesel - speedy06

ok all you people out there,i,ve not disappeared,and yes i,m still running on biodiesel.

Running on biodiesel - speedy06

ok put ten pound diesel in the tank and 50 litres of bio and all fine.

Running on biodiesel - speedy06

well yes i,m here again still with the same ford mondeo mk3 and yess its still running on biodiesel,have used 100 percent bio well made stuff in the car and it was fine and been running on bio for a bit over 3 years now.seems more economical on bio as well and noticably.if using bio on any car keep an eye on the fuel filter as it can clog in time,if you get a rattle on hard acceleration then check the fuel filter first.it might be cloging up.

Running on biodiesel - Avant

Thanks for updating us. I'm not well up on biodiesel: I think the VW Group advise against fuelling their cars with it, but presumably Ford are happy with it. Your Mondeo seems to thrive on it!

Running on biodiesel - speedy06

vw group probly advise against it due to people not making it properly,some cars genuinly dont like it but you need to make it 100 percent perfect.

Running on biodiesel - speedy06

ok still on biodiesel,this is january 10th 2013 and should be diluting the dio with normal diesel about 50/50 mix.

Running on biodiesel - speedy06

ok lads yes i,m still using biodiesel.had it up to about 75 percent and still ran fine .on april 2010 using 5 litres diesel and 25 litres of bio.with diesel up in price to 1.20 a litre i,m going to always be using bio every time i get diesel at the pump.not all cars like bio.it needs to be well made.

Running on biodiesel - macavity
Running on biodiesel - Altea Ego
try www.Bernard-Mathews/chistmas.is.good.for.turkeys.r...y .

It wil be just as unbiased and independent.

{Edited link as the full stop at the end stopped it from working.

Edited once more as you caught me out with your spoof link - grrrr ;o) }

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 23/11/2009 at 19:05

Running on biodiesel - cheddar
And this www.grist.org/article/series/skeptics/ eh jbif? Totally unbiased that!

My TDCi 130 has done 139k miles and drives like new, mostly running on BP Ultimate and Shell V-Power has surely done it good, not sure it would have gon thaty far is such good order on bio-fuel.

Now of course there is biodiesel and there is biodiesel, B10 is only 10% bio and if the other 90% is decent stuff then most diesel cars would surely get along fine, like wise perhaps B20, the B100, 100% bio, hmmm.
Running on biodiesel - macavity
Running on biodiesel - welshlad
im currently setting up a biodiesel plant in North Wales as part of a social enterprise network company and i have to be honest its a real nightmare to say the least.

its taken me almost a year of research to come up with a usable plan and there are alot of pitfalls. the basic plan is to setup a fleet of bio-diesel vehicles to run a kerbside recycling operation in North Wales and to start with i was in the mindset of 'well biodiesel is just waste cooking oil no problem there' boy was i wrong.

SVO Biofuel is probably the most straight forward but you need a supplementary diesel tank(5ltr is enough) to start the vehicle till it warms up, so an automatic switchover valve is a must too (or a cab mounted switch but then you risk human error in not switching over).

our overall plan is to run a 30 vehicle fleet of various size wagons ranging from ford transit size to HGV bin lorries(opps sorry you cant call them that these days it multi pickup waste material relocation vehicles.........got to love council lingo).

there is no way i would try to run 30 vehicles from the start without trialing one for at least 6 months. the other main problem is supply for the area we want to cover we will need at least 3 filling stations (hence producing 3 times the amount we need to just run the vehicles just to maintain stocks) to get the vehicles out and back to the depot without running out of fuel.

as a buisiness we will be producing high quality biofuel purely for the sake of our own vehicles and we have decided not to market it outside the company because its just too much hassle and no local biofuel producer has lasted more then 6 months trying to sell the stuff, it only seems to make sense to produce it for self use and only when you have spent a long long time really looking into it.

biodiesel on a commercial scale is not for the faint hearted (or the ill imformed) but homebrew is probably worth the go if your not running a brand new car

Running on biodiesel - oilrag
t homebrew is probably worth the go if your not running a brand new car

Well, Mrs O`s Punto 1.9D carked it in the fuel pump department at 60,000 despite running almost exclusivley on Shell. (to protect the fuel pump)

Might as well have put `bio` or even just cooking oil in for the last few months..

Running on biodiesel - opahale

go to the site of TNO Delft and look under mobility

Running on biodiesel - Jzinsky

Wow amazing what you find when you google your name!

My book says that up to 5% is ok, but the reason I asked this in the first place way back when was that I'd found a local place that did bio.. All ran fine up until about the third fill-up (this was the case in 2 other diesels I've had) and then it lost all power, warning light flashing and it would cut out if I gave it too much of a push, and being a family car that was often normal acceleration with a full car.

Now it's pushing £1.50 again I might try a little experiment.. And now I found the place I'm working at now has "medium diesel" hmmm :D

Running on biodiesel - LESGTS

Right im new to this site, and this is the only way i could figure out how to reply to this subject and voice my experience with alternative fuels......

Jzinsky what were the other two diesel vehicles?? Sounds like the tank and fuel lines had been cleaned out with the bio fuel and a simple fuel filter replacement was needed.....

Anyway last yr a bought a 1998 1.9D peugot 206 with 62K on the clock, with the aim of cheap motoring. Now since November 2010 i have been using BIO FUEL ONLY, even through the winter in Jan we had at -12 temperatures. It started fine and is still running fine today.... Only when i couldn't get to the bio fuel place did i put £5 of diesel in-maybe 3 occassions. Also before anti freeze was added for the winter batch of bio fuel i put in £10/8litres of diesel to a full tank of the bio fuel and it was fine. I dare say the bio fuel with anti freeze worked better than those with normal pump diesel in there cars on starting in the cold winter mornings.....

This fuel is made locally from used veg oil and is of a very high quality by the looks of it (B100) and according to the department of transport that tested it when a customers tank was dipped.....There has been a case of one place putting to much chemical into the mix, this then rotted the rubber seals on customers cars and caused alot of damage and expense. How it is made is a very important factor-the person needs to know what there doing!!

I was told the contaminants in the tank from the diesel may block the fuel filter as the bio fuel is a clean fuel, in which case the fuel filter would need changing and thats it. This hasn' t happend yet and i've done well over 8000miles in it.

58 litres of bio fuel will get me 550-600miles, mixed driving. Longer journeys maybe even more either way it worked out at 50mpg at one point......

Now i'd like to get a newer bigger diesel car like a mondeo estate. But it seems the modern technology doesn't like alternative fuels. Or are there just places not making the bio fuel correctly?? Diesel engines were designed to run on peanut oil after all wern't they...

Running on biodiesel - unthrottled

Diesel engines were designed to run on peanut oil after all wern't they...

In 1900, yes.In 2011, no.

Anyway last yr a bought a 1998 1.9D peugot 206 with 62K on the clock, with the aim of cheap motoring.

There's never been much of an issue running those old IDI diesels on veg oil. There's no DPF, the fuel pump operates at low pressure, the injector is a simple single hole pintle nozzle. The prechamber keeps the fuel away from the cylinder bores etc etc.

Stick with the IDI if you want to run veg oil. There's a reason no manufacturer will warranty an engine run on much more than B10. Heavy duty vehicles can generally get away with more bio than light duty engines even though the technology is superficially similar to passenger cars.


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