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Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - Chris75
Vivaro Van 2005 - 78000 miles.

Van has no power below approx. 2400 revs in any gear.

Is a real struggle to get it going from cold. Things improve slightly when it warms up.

As soon as it gets to 2400 revs it goes like a rocket.

Any ideas what could be wrong?


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Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - Screwloose

EGR valve stuck open; boost leak; MAF or MAP sensor; injector leaking back; suction valves in the pump [if that type] or many other things

Without codes or live data, it's going to be hard to find it.
Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - Chris75
Just an update in case anyone else has the same problem.

Seems to be an engine managemet problem. Has a 2 stage boost?

Not fixed yet so will advise outcome.

Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - allchin78

I'm having the same problems with my 2003 1.9TDi Vivaro

Aa guy connected diagnostics but came back ok

Do you have any update to what was wrong with your vivaro


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Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - Mordillo
Did anyone resolve the problem?

I'm having the same problem with my Vivaro, it's been through diagnostics and has come up with the following:

235 - Fuel Press - Solenoid Valve Circuit
70 - Circuit EGR Valve
102 - Circuit Airflow Sensor

Any ideas?
Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - Screwloose

What read those codes? If they're supposed to be EOBD codes; only P0102 fits the definition.
Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - Mordillo
No idea what read them, they were given to me by the local garage
Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - Screwloose

They don't relate to any normal codes used by Renault; they use DF codes. Maybe your garage has been caught by the Chinese scanner scam.

So; let's start again. Year, engine and mileage? What is the exact problem, in detail? When did it start and what's been tried so far?
Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - Mordillo
Symptoms are exactly as the original poster, I was hoping the original poster could reply to advise how the problem was resolved?
Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - Screwloose

Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - Chris75
EGR Valve was replaced along with some other sensor. Will have to dig out the invoice to find out what.
Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - geller_iom
Hi Chris you couldn't dig that info out on the sensor as my 05 vivaro has exactly the same symptoms and has just had the EGR replaced and it hasn't cured the problem....... getting fed up with this van seems to be no end of problems...cheers

Vivaro 1.9 2005 - No Power at low revs - Chris75
Hi Geller

The Camshaft sensor was replaced along with the EGR Valve
Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - Jon Terry
Hello Chris,
Had the same problem for ages, turned out to be just the mass air flow meter, one thing you will have to make sure of is that you fit it correctly or the symptoms will be the same or worse.
There is a rubber seal on the air filter side which has to be inside the air filter side when you insert the meter and you will have to make sure that you tighten in properly as any air being sucked in from outside the air filter will put it in to limp home mode(basically the symptoms you are describing).It's worth checking that there is no debris in your air filter system.If you unplug your mass air flow meter and run the engine,if all or most of your problems are gone then it's your air flow meter(maf)But make sure you put it on correctly. i.e you should tighten the screws on your air filter side until you cannot see the rubber ring, and make sure the jubilee clip on the right is on correctly, we don't want any air getting in.
If it is not working after this has been carried out correctly then you should check the pressure boost sensor and then the turbo boost sensor as these are the cheapest parts that could be your problem.
You should also check your turbo is opening easily.If you put your arm down the back of the engine behind the airflow meter you will find the turbo (do this with a cold engine mind) on the turbo you will find a small bar , slide this from left to right as this will open and close your turbo, this should be smooth in both directions if not it's sticking and this could be your problem.
If it is none of the above it could be garage time as an injector could be shot.
The other thing it could be is water in your fuel filter, check this by draining a little from it an see what you got.
As long as you are having no trouble starting the van I don't think it could be your fuel pump.
And I think this should get you sorted.
Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - builder dave
hello john just to say ive had this problem for 18 months a living nightmare vauxhall garage amongst others telling me new turbo etc etc and several grand on an 03 vivaro even independant garages no clue thought about scrapping it till i found this site and read down to john terrys paragraph i checked the turbo opening easily and ok then the magic unplugged the air flow metre to test and just like when it was new as you said am going to order the m.a.f metre now and follow your instructions carefully i love my van again you think vauxhall would tell there people this is the case but youre a genius mate 100 percent would recomend any one to try this thanks again dave
Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - vivaro1

Hi dave, having a nightmare with my vivaro, 53 plate. I had the gearbox changed (surprise-surprse) and the clutch and a few days later the van lost all power till 2400 revs in every gear and then the power is there!!! after reading threads on several sites I changed the mass air filter sensor today and it amde it a little worse so put old one back. My next move might be crankshaft/camshaft sensor as has been mentioned that this is connected to the gearbox and seems to tie up with the gearbox issue!!! was your turbo playing up or the mass air filter sensor, don't know which way to turn??????????????? please help......Paul

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Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - mr spanners

hi, i working on a vauxhall vivaro,03 plate 2.0 tdi, just had a 2nd hand engine and turbo. customer then came back a month later with lacking of power. so checked it out, the first check was the turbo pipes for security and no split. all good. the engine wouldn't rev past 2000. thought it was in limp home mode, this normally store a fault so check on my computer and loads where there. cleared them down to see which one are permanant - just one 1806 airflow / EGR circuit.- removed egr and cleaned. checked operation all good- at this point engine now revved to 3600- so still a problem- ?

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - Vivaro den

hi i wonder if you have any advice for me...

i have a vivaro 1.9 diesal van and have had very heavy black smoke coming out the back when i am driving ,, it gets sluggish and cuts out. i was told to clean out the egr valve which i was doing every other week until it got so bad i bought a new egr and fitted it and drove ok for 3 days, then the black smoke came again and got sluggish and cuts out and loss of power. i took the new egr valve off to check and it was black and oily just like the old one.... where is this black oily stuff coming from?? and how do i stop it?? or is it any other part doing this to the egr valve... i have had enough and its driving me mad....numerous mechanics dont seem to know. thanks mark.

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - captain stanley blade

i had problems with glow plug light coming on , loss of power, rubbish fuel usage. followed advice about unplugging mass air flow meter , and after improvement i bought a new sensor. best thing i have done.cant believe i hadnt noticed how bad van had been running until i changed it. i now have proper pull away, turbocuts in on time and means it !! i can actually accelerate up the steepest of hills without loss of speed , fantastic. would of cost over fifty pounds just to put van on diagnostic machine, with no guarantee of finding anything. so thanx to the advice , it has saved me a packet and given me a new van again.

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - bigvern626

I have had the same problems as everyone else here , no power till 2400 revs , warning light on , unplug the MAF sensor and most of the problems go away . I have but one question - I live in Germany , and my local garage is keen to sell me a Bosch MAF sensor . The cheaper versions available on Ebay , are they any good ? To be avoided ? Buying one for €50 instead of €220 plus is appealing , but not if they are a bag of sh§t ! Any advice greatly appreciated , thanks in advance .

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - bigvern626

To answer my own question - DO NOT buy an Ebay sensor ! Not new , just reconditioned, utter crap .The new one works a treat , cured all of the problems mentioned by every poster to date.

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - Markjones
I have an 06 vivaro. About three weeks ago the dashboard light came on and put me in limp mode. This was intermittent to start with and turning the engine off and on seemed to cure the problem. Then it just stayed on and I was stuck in limp mode.
Read your link on this page and decided to change the MAF.
Did this today and it is running brilliantly. The only issue i have now is that as soon as the engine comes up to temperature. (4 bars on the temp gauge ) the same dashboard light comes on. It is not impacting the power or the way the van drives. Any ideas??
Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - jay2011

Hi all, had some work done on my vivaro 1.9 2005, and when picked up
ran like a bag of s***, no power below 2500 revs or there about,
garage gave me a list of possible problems with all extra cost.
Now to the point, read thread (Thanks for everyones input) and the connection box
on the mas air flow sensor had not been pushed all the way home,????
pluged in in properly and van runs a dream, this proves the senser
was the problem, and garage denies causing a problem ????
Hope this helps the next person....

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - geordieric

to add near end of conversation if getting oil getting to egr etc, easy spot down the r/h side of the engine it is most lokely that the seal inside the vacuum pump has failed and needs replaceing. (3 bolts and a pipe to fix)also sounds like my cam sensor to be replaced too.

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - bphaulage
How To Test Tempory Repair EGR Valve

Next port of call would be to check EGR Valve as on these are right after air filter box very easy to change or clean if i had one these vans which does not run well then they is a very good chance your EGR valve is dirty as they get absolutely full of black sut and jam preventing the valve from opening and closing, causing your van to loose power drive sluggish and rich on fuel. Even if I have no fault i always keep my EGR valve clean as the fuel economy is greatly improved. Changing my EGR valve added 10 miles a gallon (wow). A Good way to test your EGR Valve or for a tempory repair is to block the ports off with a metal gasket these can be bought here on eBay EGR Valve Blanking plates , If the vehicle runs fine with the ports blocked then it is the EGR valve that is at fault.

see link to my guide for photos and diagrams reviews.ebay.co.uk/Vivaro-Cutting-Out-Problems-and...4

Or Try www.Boschpumps.com or www.Boschpumps.co.uk for blanking plate or genuine reconditioned parts.
Service manuals can be bought for five pounds from Vauxhall Vivaro Service Manual

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Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - bphaulage

sorry guys my pics wont post on here will try to upload to external server

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Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - ian1238

HI Guys, just a little input and comon fault with these vans.

I had loss of power and van went into limp mode, i took the air filter out which was black not good, then i took the whole aircleaner off only to find that a couple of wires had broken due to something rubbing, very obviuos when you take the aircleaner off, sorry dont know what the wires are for )they are 2 wire with plugs on the end, i just re joined them put everything back together with new air filter and all is fine, well better than before the fault if im honest.

I hope this helps someone save a few quid, i came here for info on mine but found the broken wires was my fault problem.

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - Graham567

Just had the same problem as the OP.Loss of power at low revs then cuts in full after 2000 rpm.

Turned out to be the Maf sensor,the high pressure fuel sensor and the boost sensor.After replacing all these the van now revs through the range with no let up on power.

The boost sensor fault shows up as the orange management light coming on at 2500 rpm or under heavy load. ie, hills.Its the black box on the right hand side of the bulk head with two small pipes coming from it.Unplug the two pipes and join them together with a small bit of tubing.If the boost is better then its the sensor on the bulkhead and costs approx £27 to replace.Also check that the two small pipes are clear and also where they plug onto the engine remove them and insert a small stiff wire into the hole to make sure its clear.Mine was blocked solid.

Hope this helps others as this van can be a nightmare to fix with these faults.

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - jaydorking2006
Mine is a 05 1.9 vivaro sportive. I have the exact same problem, loss of power at low revs, bulb light on and limp mode. I have had the EGR changed along with the MAP, MAF, boost solendoid valve sensor and another sensor, still runs like a bag of s***. Mechanic had checked all pipes, hoses etc, at a complete loss. Used to run really well, now poorly. Can barely use 6th gear and costing me a fortune in diesel. Loads of answers above but most have been tried by 2 mechanics. Any help would be really appreciated.
Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - philipmac

Hello I own a 1.9ctdi sportive it is a 2006, unfortunatly I had to have recently a new engine at 69000 miles and it had been serviced regulary,so anyway after not being happy paying out nearly £1.500 for a proffesional rebuild etc it developed another fault. .ie.low revs would not pull in low gears and very sluggish,so i took it to the garage to my mate who does all my work on it and he checked it over with his machine,it came back with a fault but was saying turbo sensor so we replaced that for about £80 quid no good at all so back again now checking mass air flow filter replaced that at £80 no good still the same,so back again now checking egr valve cleaned it out and replaced,improved a little but still bad,so back again no faults showing so replaced egr valve for a new one £120 .Not happy at all now as spending and spending and still not right. So decided to give it one last go as he was really begining to get baffled with this,then i mentioned to him it seemed a hell of a lot worse when it had been raining heavy,so in it went again..fingers crossed..ok this time the machine was showing a glow plug fault so he said two had gone so he replaced all 4 to be on the safe side £50,then he decides to check this little plastic thing right at the front of the engine just behind the rad.he found it had water droplets in and the elements were pitted and corroded,he cleaned it up and put loads of electric transmision grease on it or something,hey presto its like a rocket again,well nearly....the plastic thing is some kind of sensor which governs all your fuel to the engine,so was obviously getting wrong readings thru being wet.....hope this helps try this thing first before you spend probably pointless cash on other things like i did....only for paying out for the new engine it would have gone for sale earlier as it was driving me nuts...cheers phil

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - philipmac

check my post below see if it helps i had the same problem

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - mattmk52
I have a 54 plate and am having the same problem. I have unplugged the air flow filter and all that happens is the engine cuts out. No power at under 2400 revs at all. Just seems flat. Not really sure what else it could be so opinions gratefully received :)
Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - mx92crosser

hi all re no power.

the most common cause of this is the vacuum pump failing this will give the same symptoms of a blown turbo white smoke.

this will not come up on a diognostics check as it is a no elec item as is the turbo.

renault had a recall on the vacuum pumps some were mised.

dont sped £100s as a second hand vacuum pump is pennies.

the turbo waste gate on these is at a closed position at start up only opened by the vacuum pump no vac no tubo hope this helps some 1 in the future ex ren mech

Vivaro 2005 1.9 - No Power at low revs - Loggy

Master 2008 120 dci

I had all the scary lights and limp mode for a few days as main symptoms but also had no temp guage working (no lights on bar scale) and rad fan staying on from startup to 10 seconds after shutdown, never even heard the fan before !!

Suspected temp sensor, ordered new one ebay tenner, meanwhile took it to my local independant MOT place for a diagnostic. "£40 please yes you have a problem, but we dont know what it is".

Ok still no fix, got temp sensor, fitted, still no guage and limp mode etc.

Was googling too much and getting worried about the costs that may be involved !!!

Decided to change fuel filter, needed it anyway and was going to change thermostat as even when hot rad hoses remain cool but heater is toasty.

Was playing around with temp sensor plug and it literaly fell off its connecting wires leaving a perfect break at the wire exit point but the plastic sheaf slid from the wires. Ahha !!!!!, had to push some copper strands tightly into the plug to make a good connection then affixed and insulated with some gunk, soldered the new wires onto the slightly cutback good existing copper and taped it all up. Reconnected and alls well again, no lights no fan.


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