1998 1.7 zetec overheating problems - robhusaberg
Hi, we have an R reg 1.7 Puma and have had a problem with the engine overheating. I have deduced its coolant flow problem as the i have removed the thermostat and replaced the water pump. With car at fast idle for 5 mins or so the radiator is stone cold but the engine very hot, the temp guage fluctuates from mid way up to hot and back down and when i felt the top rad hose (near the engine) i could feel water boiling and bubbling from within the engine.

With the top hose off the radiator and the car running no coolant comes out the rad even though the rad is full of coolant and also no coolant is reaching up to the heater matrix (i've taken hoses off and they are dry).

If I take the hoses off the radiator and pour water in the top it flows out the bottom, likewise on the engine- water flows through the block indicating no blockages.
Can someone help as i'm pulling my hair out as to what it could be.


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Ford Puma 1.7 zetec overheating problems - Screwloose

Sounds like yet another faulty heater control valve.

Bridge the two hoses to the valve together and try it.
Ford Puma 1.7 zetec overheating problems - robhusaberg
ok, will try that next.
1998 1.7 zetec overheating problems - jay hud
ive got same problem have u sorted yours yet
1998 1.7 zetec overheating problems - Chardi
Has anyone got an update with this?

mine also has the same problem. I have taken it to several garages who are unable to locate the fault.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1998 1.7 zetec overheating problems - jamesv

i recently bought a used Puma and it seems to have the same problem. the temp gauge will go right into the red for a moment and then come down to just above the half way mark. am taking it in to the garage and will say about the heater control valve, really dont want to be told its the head gasket or something like that


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