2002 2.0HDi - Dead Remote Locking - caspian
Any ideas please:
A while ago, I tried (by mistake) to start the car in gear. The car gave a lurch and the Hazard lights came on.

Since then the remote locking has not worked.
Both myself and Citroen have been through the key-reset procedure to no avail. it looks as though the car has turned the remote facility off completely.

I feel that it is a software problem somewhere. Cirtoen say that it MAY be an aerial or an ECU problem., and have quoted me around £150 for the ECU and a further £100 for fitting.

It seems to me that £250 is a very high price to pay for something that may not solve the problem. and that it cannot the "the ECU" as I would expect the Engine Control unit to be about £300.

Are there a multitude of 'ECIs' on the car? Does the price sound right?
I have heard of a 'BSI' unit - any connection.

So does anyone know how I can turn my remote locking on again for a reasonable price. - The remote fob is definitely working properly.

many thanks

Found year & engine info via a forum search. Good job I'm in a generous mood. I could have just as easily deleted this as per mention in the 2 sticky posts

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Dead Remote Locking - nick74
The remote locking on my Xsara did this after a fast-fit monkey whipped one of the battery leads off without giving the BSI time to shut down properly. I took it to a dealer who plugged it into their computer and reset something in the BSI, its been fine since. Only snag was they needed the code card which was missing when I bought the car so they had to get the code from Citroen for £15. Total cost was about £60.

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