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04 2.0dti turbo problem - munsy200
hi all
my 04, 2.0dti produces an intermittent turbo "kick up the bum "which can be a bit unnerving when creeping along in traffic and i suddenly surge ahead without any warning,this also occurs at any time,especially when accelerating .a mechanic suggested it could be a bit of turbo lag ??. diagnostic tests show nothing. so any ideas what might be causing it and also a remedy would be quite useful.
very many thanks in advance.


Edited by Pugugly on 01/04/2008 at 23:28

04 2.0dti turbo problem - Screwloose

I'd doubt that it's boost pressure that's causing your surging - more likely air in the diesel.

Check for any possible leaks into the lines, couplings or filter housing.

There's an outside chance of a MAF or MAP sensor fault; but check for air ingress first.
04 2.0dti turbo problem - munsy200
many thanks screwloose,i shall check 'em out in the near future,'cos i'm on hol's next week.
04 2.0dti turbo problem - PeterRed
This sounds very similar to our 2004 dti. You can be pootling along in 2nd at less than 2000rpm and go to change gear when occasionally there's a fairly big slug of torque from the engine. I assumed that it was just a characteristic of the fairly agricultural engine. Let me know if you manage to fix it.

p.s. (My old Yamaha 600 used to do a similar thing at 7500rpm but that was more fun.........)

Edited by PeterRed on 06/04/2008 at 20:07

04 2.0dti turbo problem - munsy200
hi all
i have just had vauxhalls check this out via diagnostics and a road test......guess what........."there's nothing wrong with it mate".
why do problems never show themselves when there's a "man who knows all about motors"is driving the thing?
oh well, i shall just have to leave more room between me and the guy in front until i manage to sort it out.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 26/04/2008 at 00:06

04 2.0dti turbo problem - jonnyred
I get the same thing on my 05 2.0DTI SRI around 2000 rpm.
04 2.0dti turbo problem - sidubber
Hi ,have you sorted the surging problem on your zafira ?, I have the same with mine and its driving me crazy, and is happening more and more. mainly in second gear, at about 20 mph and about 2500 rpm. It feels like the turbo goes on to full boost. can be dangerous when in traffic. I am a mechanic myself and do not think this is an air leak problem. also my car has no error codes present. i was wondering whether it could be a throttle position sensor problem or MAF sensor etc.

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