04 TDI 130 whistling noise - nkosibob
2004 tdi 130----when I de-celerate to change gear I hear a real funny sort of whistling noise from under the car, only lasts a few seconds---but it's really annoying. The car's performance is not impeded although my fuel consumption dosen't seem to be all that good---maybe just the cold air of recent weeks---when I rev the engine up and let go the throttle, the decrease in rpm is much slower that when in driving mode, but I can still hear the whistle so it is nothing to do with the clutch, has anyone any ideas on this beauty


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04 TDI 130 whistling noise - Screwloose

It's a common TDi complaint; likely to be the over-run clutch on the alternator.

Not necessarily a fault; more of a characteristic.
04 TDI 130 whistling noise - 659FBE
I'm a little doubtful of this.

Try the car firstly with no electrical load and then with all lights + window & mirror heaters on. The overrun clutch will not disengage under load.

04 TDI 130 whistling noise - oilygezzer
it could be alternator over run clutch but is could be a loose or split turbo/intercooler pipe...

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