2002 2.2dti, limp mode when accelerating at 50/70 - jezbed
2002 '52', Vectra C 2.2 dti SRi Auto...bought this car for my dad....engine management light came on accelarating to join the motorway at 70. Once you switch the engine off, it goes back to normal. My mechanic found low vacuum, and checked the pipes, no better. New MAF Meter fitted, but problem got worse...it went into limp mode under pretty normal accelration at 50, although mainly at 70. Not sure what the fault codes are, but it seems that when the throttle is fully opened, the thing shuts down. Looking at the history, the problem seems to have been around before...Vauxhall replaced the Turbo in 2005. My mechanic said it is most likely vacuum hoses, and is almost never the Turbo. Any ideas to help me and my pretty clued up mechanic. nb, fuel consumption is poor, but I guess that is this model. Mileage is 99000. Any advice much appreciated.
2002 2.2dti, limp mode when accelerating at 50/70 - Screwloose

The first thing to check is that the output of the vacuum pump is at least 22"Hg. If they ever run low on oil; it trashes the "services" side of the pump.

What code is it flagging? Why was the MAF changed for low vacuum? Was it a genuine dealer's MAF?
2002 2.2dti, limp mode when accelerating at 50/70 - jezbed
Thanks for the reply. It was a Genuine Vauxhall MAF. The car goes to the garage on Friday, so I will know more then.
2002 2.2dti, limp mode when accelerating at 50/70 - Tigerfan
I have this problem also, and it appears every so often.
What it is is one of the Turbo pipes has a split in it, and the high escape of air is picked up by the engine sensor management, and pops it into limp home mode. As you say you can turn the engine off and on again, and all is well. What I usually do is if it's only doing it occasionally, wait until it gets more & more common, then have the pipe replaced (approx 150 quid inc labour at dealer)


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