Hog Roasting - Gwyn Parry

I am considering buying a HarleyD an XL 53C specifically - 1998 model. Anyone any ideas as to prices what to look for and any websites (not Official ones).

What brought this on ??

A too fast to survive CBR 1000 (licence, bike, me in that order !)

And a Sunday afternoon vision. Quiet local High Street, traffic less scene, parked up V reg reg Golf in its Teutonic serenity.....Biggesty badest Hog rides by and the vibration and/or sounds sets off the Tuton's alarm...well it was, well.
wicked..(in the old fashioned and current sense of the word) gotohaveone....!
Re: Hog Roasting - Brian
Go to Smartgroups.com where you will find all sorts of special interest groups including loads for bikes by make and type of use.
I haven't gone in just now to lok for H-D, but I am sure there is a group there. If not, start your own.
Re: Hog Roasting - Robin Hall
I've used a site before with links to a lot of Bike related sites -

it has a section just on Harleys although I haven't visited any of the sites. Motorcycle News has a website now - www.motorcyclenews.co.uk. I know they have recently had a buying guide to a Harley, and it may have been this model. Failing I'm sure that the paper copy of MCN has a back copies service to order a print of the buying guide.

Good Luck and enjoy polishing all that chrome!
Re: Hog Roasting - Jon Shaw
Harleys are an acquired taste in IMHO. If you want the torque of a big twin & style PLUS brakes that work and suspension that will get you round corners and out of trouble then there are other bikes you should consider eg Jap Harley Clones if you want a cruiser, Ducati Monster, or Suzuki TL (not the R) if you want serious fun or for a style all of its own the BMW 1200C.

Be aware that for that alarm setting off ability you will need an illegal exaust have to run the risk of being pulled by plod v regularly, told that you are a naughty boy and fined £20 & probably a producer as well.

My personal recommendation if you want fun and do not intend to take a passenger would be the 900 Monster and you can get a good one for about £3k.

A friend with CBR1000 wants an ST2 (same motor) as although slower feels faster and is more fun to ride.

Jon 900SS never seen the point of H-D when you can have more for less, especially the small ones.
Re: Hog Roasting - richard turpin
Gwyn, trouble is the next stage is a VW back end with cycle front. AND you don't need a crash hat! Get an auto 1600 and have independant brakes to each rear wheel, with pedals on each side of the crank case. Helps on the corners. Put the silencer back on for the MOT. Forget plod. He has been sacked anyway and replaced by a camera. The vibrations replace the need for orgasms. "let you motor run...."
Re: Hog Roasting - Jon Shaw
Sadly in my part of the world (Ipswich) plod has plenty of time to visit bike rallies, popular bike events, favorite roads etc and target the great menance to safety of loud pipes, small number plates and dark visors. NEVER seen him on a roundabout pulling the numerous people driving one handed while talking on the phone. Seems to me that plod enjoysd targeting bikers and flying around in a helicopter.
If I was at the police know eho I'd be slow hand clapping at the police federation in Blackpool.


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