Beam converters - Dave N
When I come back to blighty for a visit, I need to stop the lights dazzling. But my lights (Isuzu D-Max 2008) are those funny ones like a Ford Puma - clear lens, no reflector, and the bulb sits behind a sort of round glass ball. So how do I convert them for driving on the left?

I spoke to Isuzu here and they didn't seem to understand what I was talking about.

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Beam converters - Billy Whizz
Dave, where is the car registered? From what you describe they are projector type headlights. Is there nothing in your driver's manual?

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Beam converters - Dave N
Registered in Sweden, and yes, they're projector lights. I couldn't remember the name last night. Book says nothing unfortunately, even with my ropey Swedish.

I had a lok at a Ford Scorpio site, and they have a little lever, but I just looked at mine and couldn't see any lever on the back of the lamp.
Beam converters - Billy Whizz
How about calling a UK Isuzu dealer on Skype and ask them? Nearest one to Dover is:

Lipscomb Cars Ltd
Bridge House
Chart Road
TN23 3HZ
01233 635661
01233 641972

Which ferry are you taking? (I ask as I have get my car back to UK from Estonia in June.)
Beam converters - Dave N
I'll do that, thanks for the info. I'm driving down to Calais, then taking the tunnel. I've got 4 dogs, so it's easier to take the quickest/easiest crossing. It's 1000 miles, and takes about 30 hours door to door with a few hours kip along the way.

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