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If your Civic or Jazz gearbox is making noises, and you are unsure what it could be, please read on.

If the noise occurs when it is in neutral and in the lower gears but stops when you press the clutch in, it is most certainly the input shaft bearing that needs replacing (an expensive gearbox rebuild)

If the noise is present when the clutch is up or pressed, then it is your clutch release bearing (a new clutch kit is needed)

I had a major problem with my 2001 Honda Civics gearbox making worrying noises

Unfortunately for me, my problem was the input bearing, so, the story goes.....

I phoned my local honda, and after a 1320 quote for a gearbox rebuild, I started to worry. So I started searching the internet for advise on a trusted gearbox specialist, I don't know if you may have tried this, but I couldn't find any recommendations at all. After countless phone calls, the cheapest guarenteed rebuild was 650 all in.

Then I phoned a very informative and genuine gent who owns a company called Henderson Transmissions 01427 875 889 (in a small village called Sandtoft, near Doncaster, Sheffield etc) He advised me what to do and the rebuild was certainly the only option as he would not recommend buying a secondhand box from a breakers, as you do not know the history or genuine mileage of it, then you have the fitting and clutch cost on top.

After a quote of only 360 in vat for the removal of the box, strip and rebuild the box with all new bearings, and a refit, I was certainly interested. I slowly drove my civic to him on a Tuesday afternoon, and on Thursday the job was done, guarenteed and working perfect without any noise and the shift was perfect, excellent job.

So, if you live in Yorkshire or Lincolnshire and you have a problem with your gearbox of any kind, I would highly recommend this chap for his honesty, workmanship, overall service and a price that beats anybody by atleast 300.

Thanks for reading...

Gearbox noise , Gearbox problems , Civic Jazz - OAP
ciiwiic....may I please draw your attention to the message of thanks to you which I have just posted on the other thread on the subject of Honda Jazz/Fit gearbox problems.

I am sure that I am not the only person who will be very grateful for the trouble you have taken to tell us about Hendersons.

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