Front suspension - Martin Devon
Good evening all. The Merc offside front suspension strut/leg/whatever suffered failure on Sunday thankfully at only 35mph. I believe this is a known rusting fault with this model. A. What is the cure and likely cost, and B. What may have happened at speed and perhaps speed around a corner?

Best to all..........MD
Front suspension - Number_Cruncher
If it's the common failure, then, the welds between the upper spring mount and the body part company. The cure is to repair using a seam weld, and re-seal.

A) I've no idea of the cost.

B) I suppose it depends upon what happens to any shrapnel, but, that aside, your suspension will go onto the bump stop, but, you'll still have the wheel and tyre attached, and you'll still have some vestige of control.

Front suspension - boxsterboy
It's probably worth approaching MB for goodwill - if there is history with them, they should pay
Front suspension - drbe
I would be very interested to know the outcome - cost etc as I have one of those!

Is there any preventive work that can be done?
Front suspension - Collos25
I have never ever heard that mentioned as a common fault on the w210 if it where Autobild and ADAC would have highlighted it along with its other failings.
Front suspension - Martin Devon
To be fair I thought it had been mentioned here before.

Front suspension - adverse camber
I've certainly heard of weld failure and structural rust on the front suspension and sub frame (I think- whats the beam called that runs across the car at the front?)

Front suspension - Collos25
It only gets surface rust,the main culprit is the geargox mounting arms which run diagonally under the car they just disintergratequite frightening when you first see it.The very early 210's were made for South Africa and then shipped to the UK thats maybe why this particular fault has never been seen in Germany.
Front suspension - Number_Cruncher
Andy, have a quick look at this thread

Front suspension - 659FBE
This is becoming depressingly familiar - I was going to post a link with pictures but those on NC's link are typical. It gets less pretty the further you look into the wheelarch. Equally worryingly, the rear suspension arms rust through where the "eyes" for the rubber bushes are welded on.

I would not want my family travelling in one of these machines - Third World corrosion resistance.

Front suspension - zm
I have heard of this happening several times, I beleave there was a major incident on a German autobahn as a result of this failure.

As someone who has owned 40+ mercs and thinks that they are generally a great product, I feel there sadly does not seem much reason to recommend the W210 E class to anyone. This car I beleave is the one that has really suffered at the hands of the 'accountant' era in the late 90's.

Just sit in one of these and then an equivalent W124 and compare the quality of the interior materials found in each, then draw your own conclusions!
Front suspension - Martin Devon
The link from Number Cruncher is frightening. Where would be my fist port of call if I did decide to 'have a go'. Exeter Merc' dealer??!!??!!

Best Reg's......MD
Front suspension - Collos25
This fault has never appeared on German made cars only South African made models which were shipped to the UK without the proper underbody protection,I am sure DB will rectify the problem free of charge as they resprayed my whole car because of a few blisters on a 5 year old UK W210.
Front suspension - Martin Devon
This fault has never appeared on German made cars only South African made models which
were shipped to the UK without the proper underbody protection I am sure DB will
rectify the problem free of charge as they resprayed my whole car because of a
few blisters on a 5 year old UK W210.

Does DB mean MB? This car is now 12 + years old, but I put the thing through HPI prior to purchase to confirm it's 54.5k miles. All OK, but I notice now that the worm is in other areas too!

Will MB listen or not?

Best reg's........MD
Front suspension - Collos25
MB is known in Germany as Daimler Benz hence DB I will be very suprised if they do not listen.
Front suspension - Martin Devon
It's back together now. The picture from the link from Number Cruncher was pretty much identical to mine, but I didn't have the chance to take a pic' of it and i haven't really got the time to pursue MB for this. I wish I had though. By the time I have put my time to it I might just as well go to work. It seems a no win situation.

Am I being daft, but how can I tell where it was made/assembled.

Thanks to all........................MD
Front suspension - Roger Jones
Front suspension - Martin Devon
Thanks Roger. That is very helpful

Very best regards..........MD
Front suspension - the swiss tony
Thanks Roger. That is very helpful

but incorrect..... that site state the 10th digit is a year code... naw hasnt since the late 50's early 60's.

proper breakdown as follows;

WDB = build country code (WDB is Germany)
210 = basic model type
006 = engine/body type
2 = RHD (1 = LHD) (6 = RHD CKD(knockdown kit -assembled elsewhere often SA))
A = build plant or version (A on 210 is pre facelift, B is facelift)
123456 = serial number
X = check digit.

up to the late 50's a vin would have been like this...
198123 as above, 45 = 1954, last five serial number

60's to approx 82-3 WDB12312322123456
again as above bur digits seven and eight mean;
Seven 1 LHD,2 RHD
eight 1 manual, 2 auto..... so 123123 22 123456 RHD Auto
123123 12 123456 LHD Auto
123123 21 123456 RHD Man
123123 11 123456 LHD Man

Front suspension - drbe
It's back together now. >>

May I ask how much it cost? Approximately if you prefer.
Front suspension - Martin Devon
Haven't had the bill yet, but not too harsh I guess. Very clever diligent gent who knows his onions and hates German marques! but that has nought to do with it. t'other side looks OK.

Front suspension - bmw323i

I am spanish and deaf. My car, w210 E290Td Avant. repair rust in mercedes house, 1.700 Eur with VAT 16% (ONLY front suspesion right). great repair, two week! rust in Spain!??? other my car bmw 323i (1983) is succesfull!! I like w124.


saludos! sincerely!

Front suspension - Martin Devon
(ONLY front suspesion right).

> Dani >> Madrid

Mine too. Only front right.

Front suspension - srp
Good Morning. Last Saturday my Merc 270 cdi offside front suspension strut/leg/whatever suffered a failure. The car was just sitting on the drive, not having moved for three days. I have just sent the car to the mercedes garage to be reviewed and repaired. As this seems to be a known failure, are there any incidents of a good will fix?

Front suspension - boxsterboy
SRP, what body does your 270CDI engine sit? A C-class, or E-class?
Front suspension - coppersson
Front suspension may become dangerous due to rust in subframe and in front spring hangers. Mercedes is replacing subframes and spint hangers free of charge as necessary, but all owners should have them checked.

Front suspension - boxsterboy
As an E-class owner, I was well aware of this problem on W210 E-classes.

What did surprise me yesterday when my sis-in-law told me how the front coil spring on her B-class had snapped in half the other day as she was driving (thankfully at low speed - most out of character). Yes, she's overweight, but ...
Front suspension - RajP

You state that Mercedes are replacing the subframes and hangers free of charge.
Is that with any Merc dealer in the UK or just selected ones?
I have the suspension problems on mine and i called Merc UK in Milton Keynes and said that there are no official recalls for this problems and any recalls for this model (W210) have all been resolved.

Any further infor/advice greatfully appreciated.