Humber Hawk - Richard Ekers
When I was little (1966) we had a grey Humber Hawk with a bench front seat which seemed at the time to be a wonderful car, and I was very upset when my Dad changed it for an Austin Cambridge. Does anyone know of any Humber Hawks still in existance?
Re: Humber Hawk - Richard Ekers
I forgot to say that I (being the youngest) used to sit in the front between my Mum and Dad, with my three brothers in the back seat. No such things as people carriers or safety regulations in those days apparently.
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There's a club for them listed in the clubs directory on this website.

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In 1969 I was working in the box office of the Criterion theatre in London. We had a complaint from someone up north (Watford probably, or the icy wastes beyond) who said he had blah blah, and his and his wife's evening had been RUINED by our total incompetence etc and he had intended to come "by Super Snipe." Rather more up market than a Hawk I'm sure you will agree. We had a good giggle that he had informed us that he was travelling "by Super Snipe", as if, how he was travelling, made a difference. Maybe a Hawk would have made the difference. Humber made some good and long lasting small trucks for use in the war.
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richard turpin wrote:
> someone up north (Watford probably, or the icy wastes beyond

Cheek of it!

By heck! Ah'll just ter 'ave to go out t'back and tek a walk on t'slag heap ter calm down.
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Make sure you wear your flat 'at and take t'whippet for company!

(Sorry, born in Essex, couldn't resist it)


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it's an Umber Awk oop ere

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