'97 Nasty noise when braking & motorway cornering - bbroomlea{P}
I had a new front section of exhaust put on my 214 on Wednesday (was the bit from the manifold to the cat) as the flexi bit was blowing.

Anyway, around 5 miles after driving off and out of town, I had to use the brakes at more than 10mph and I got a funny noise that sounds like a horrible groaning noise and the steering wheel shaking when braking.

It doesnt do it all of the time but if you brake any more than lightly the noise is there and at higher speeds sounds like a vey bad droan/heavy vibration. Also if you brake heavy from 5mph or so it groans/grates everytime.

Also at speeds of more than 65 and turning left on motorways where the steering is only just off centre, there is what feels and sounds like the wheel is loose.

I have had the wheel off (sorry its the drivers side, should have said earlier) and nothing is loose - all brake pads are there, wheel tight and no movement in the suspension. Pads and disks were fitted in December and done 6,000 miles.

finally, I have heard what I am assuming the exhaust moving and hitting the bottom of the car on rumble strips approaching a 30 etc but the exhaust doesnt appear to be loose either.

I have done 600 miles over yesterday and today on mainly motorway and its got no better or worse. Will take it back to the exhaust place but its quite a bit out of my way and dont want fobbing off when I get there that they didnt do it - but its too much of a coincidence I think!

Any ideas really appreciated as to what it might be? and whether you think its exhaust related?

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