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Business Navigation - Any good? - Slightlyfatdirector
I am fortunate enough to be looking seriously at buying a new 5 series BMW 520d Touring to replace my lovely (but less capacious) Volvo S60 D5 S.

I have just noticed that BMW are currently offering 'Business Navigation' & a CD changer for just £350 complete for both (saving loads - £1,300), as a special offer.

Now I have a Tom Tom 1 Europe, that I stick to the windscreen as and when required (rarely) that I love, and has only once tried to drown me in a river (long story but tried to send me through a no through road crossing a raging torrent (I have a large ammount of common sense (seemingly unlike many people featured in the press publicising their stupidity when they carry on....) so no bad experience).

I really like the Tom Tom and looking at BM's literature the Standard 'Business Navigation' looks a bit poor, not seeming to show 3D images. And does it cover Europe (street level)?, that the Tom Tom does.

Basically what I am trying to establish is whether it is worth me arguing it's merit (I get the benefit of the 6 disc changer as well of course) with my boss and specifying this option, or am I better off sticking with the standard car (+ Bluetooth and met paint).

I will have the car for approx 120k miles / 4 years so will it's fitment add to the car's residual value?

At the end of the day does anyone have experience of this system? Is it any good?

Many thanks for your feedback, as ever.

Business Navigation - Any good? - Peter S
I've only ever seen and owned cars with the Professional Nav in them, which might indicate that the Business version is not such a good buy... However, this always used to be because the Business Nav did not have maps at all, it was just a voice and arrow based navigation system.

I believe that the only differences between the two version now are that the Business Nav goes does not have the 'perspective' (or 3D) map view and has smaller screen. For £350 (inc the CD changer) it sound like a good deal.

Worth noting that I receieved a mail shot from one of my local dealers (Snows @ Portsmouth) offering that package as a free upgrade on 520d SE saloons/tourings, making it a no brainer. I'd even be tempted to see if you could 'upgrade' to the Professional NAV for the difference in price c. £500 IIRC


Business Navigation - Any good? - Falkirk Bairn
TomTom and BMW - Tomtom being fitted and badged BMW for some models - coming soon I believe to BMW facias.
Business Navigation - Any good? - colinh
Probably not a factor if the company is paying, but annual updates about 3x the price with BMW. Balanced by residual value of car with sat-nav.
Business Navigation - Any good? - mike hannon
'Business Navigation' versus 'professional' satnav - hahahaha.
It's like the reps of 20 years ago worrying about whether the Cavalier was a GL or an SRi.
What will company car drivers next find to fret over or upstage each other?
Oops, better add a smiley...;-)
Business Navigation - Any good? - Collos25
The sat nav is ok its the rest of the car thats not very good.
Business Navigation - Any good? - Pugugly
Business Navigation - Any good? - Bill Payer
TomTom and BMW - Tomtom being fitted and badged BMW for some models - coming
soon I believe to BMW facias.

I would be amazed if that's correct.

There are pictures kicking around of what is said to be the next Toyota Yaris is a TomTom dock:
Business Navigation - Any good? - Slightlyfatdirector
Many thanks for the constructive responses, the others I will ignore.

After all I thought this was a place to ask questions? (And I would go for the SRI!) :)

As it happens I will probably go for it anyway to help with the residual value of the car. If it isn\'t very good I will stick the Tom Tom on the window and listen to another CD!

Business Navigation - Any good? - rtj70
Well there are few in car TomTom solutions that all look to be based on the FUJTISU TEN Eclipse AVN2227P. The Toyota/Daihatsu ones look very similar to this actually:

Edit: FUJITSU TEN is part owned by Fujitsu (55%), Toyota (35%) and Denso (10%)... so the Toyota/Daihatsu versions are indeed one and the same as this.

Edited by rtj70 on 06/03/2008 at 15:29

Business Navigation - Any good? - Gromit {P}
If fitting Satnav genuinely improves resale value, the company may be happy to pay the extra £350 even if you never use it (other than the CD changer, of course).
Business Navigation - Any good? - Mercian
My 520d SE Touring arrived two weeks ago, and is now 1000 miles old. It's a great car.

Before I ordered mine, I borrowed a 525d with the Professional sat nav but didn't think it was as good as other systems, so didn't bother ordering it, but I guess there isn't any reason not to have it for such a nominal outlay as is being offered at the moment by BMW. Unfortunately, mine arrived just after they announced the incentive.
Business Navigation - Any good? - Devonboy78
My FiL has the Business Nav in his '53 525 and thinks its great. Yes it only has the voice and arrow, but when driving along can you really concentrate on your 3d map?! I'm not sure whether he has purchased the extra disks, but he has driven all the way to Italy using it with no probs. MiL calls it 'Carmelia' as she is the 'other women' in his life! DB
Business Navigation - Any good? - Slightlyfatdirector
Well, I ordered the car yesterday and paid the extra £350 so we shall see whether it is any good. Looks like the current version offers a 2D map as opposed to the Arrows only that used to be used.

What goodies did you spec (if any) Mercian? Were they worth it? What do you wish you added with hindsight?
Business Navigation - Any good? - Mercian
Well I ordered the car yesterday and paid the extra £350 so we shall see
whether it is any good. Looks like the current version offers a 2D map as
opposed to the Arrows only that used to be used.
What goodies did you spec (if any) Mercian? Were they worth it? What do you
wish you added with hindsight?

I added:

* Auto transmission: less lag pulling away than the 525d I tried (and the Merc E270 it replaces) and shifts nicely - in fact I preferred it to the 525d which I thought was rather noisy for a 6 cylinder, and I can live with the difference in performance;
* Visibility Pack (adaptable xenons with washers): superb - I think well worth it;
* Storage Pack; strapping, net, adjustable storage in the boot - very useful;
* Fully electric, memory driver seat (inc. steering and mirror adjustment): purely for convenience but even without it you can code the keys sperately with saved settings apparently;
* Dimming, folding mirrors; very good, but passenger mirror dipping facility when reversing gave up working on every occassion after the first week - apparently, it's quite a common failing so I'm not too chuffed about it; notwithstanding that, I thought it dipped too much to be always useful so can live with its sporadic nature;
* "Enhanced" ext/interior lighting pack - could have done without it to be honest but useful if you lose things in footwells often!
* Hifi Loudspeaker upgrade: better sound quality than standard system, but it appears the volume is actually limited to a surprisingly low level;
* USB/ Aux socket; for IPod.
* "2HH" wheels, simply because I preferred how they looked...

Went for titanium silver with anthracite linea cloth - I prefer cloth to leather, but it shows every fleck of fluff etc. Most buyers would want leather I guess.

Didn't go for sat nav as I didn't think it was nearly as good or as useful as the standard Merc system, and I don't really use it that much. Didn't have a phone system, as I will have a simple generic cradle and speaker system fitted by Vodaphone if I need it.

There's nothing I regret not fitting, as it's possible to go completely overboard - the auto boot opener might have been useful but apart from that nothing springs to mind.

Good things: comfort and ride, excellent handling, rear seat space, driving position (steering wheel rises when you turn ignition off to creat extra knee room getting out), performance, good turning circle, IDrive easy to set up, has lots of clever touches to suit your driving style but can be easily ignored as long as you don't have too many working toys through it, loads of room in the driver's footwell, park distance control excellent.

Bad things: will tramline quite badly over poor fen roads but nothing too drastic once you adjust - excerbated if you are used to front wheel drive but would be interested to see how run flats compare on a new Mondeo, slightly less room in boot than our V70, and visbility isn't as good with high shoulder line all round, bizarre left hand drive wiper pattern which is annoying more than anything else - can only think there was a good design reason, otherwise it's laziness, only getting 35 mpg at present so hope it improves once it loosens up, ditto engine rather boomy on pick up at about 1350 -1500 rpm otherwise very quiet, stop/start button an unnecssary novelty, FM radio tuning baffles me and reception is variable (eg Radio 2), intermittent working passenger dipping mirror, annoying phone cradle compartment in the centre armrest storage space that takes up room, IDrive screen can be turned "off" but still emits faint backlighting - annoying at night,

Very, very different to drive compared to a V70 and "harder" and sharper then the Mercedes but so far, so good. There overall experience far out weights the bad points - but no car is perfect I guess.
Business Navigation - Any good? - Slightlyfatdirector
Hi Mercian,

Interesting and detailed response, thanks. I have an Volvo S60 D5 which has very a very firm ride and I hope the standard SE 520 is better. If not, then at least it may be more compliant. My MD has a V70 which is pretty wallowy and when he drove mine recently he thought it needed a lot of steering input on the motorway. Can't say I notice.

I test drove an M Sport auto with a bigger engine, and ridiculous 19 inch wheels and to be fair it seemed OK on the ride front, but then I did not take it out on some of the truly dreadful Sussex roads nearby.

I was on a mission to keep the price as low as possible and had quite an experience trying to buy at a cost-to-change level that the company I work for would agree to. Eventually ordered through a dealer in Tunbridge Wells (not my most local one but certainly better - more customer orientated and willing to meet the deal I wanted). Good discount (excellent in fact) and good trade-in value. They have also bent over backwards to get a good delivery date. The other benefit of adding less goodies is a lower company ca tax level. I hate giving Darling / Brown every penny.

I went for the Bluetooth kit as it seemed safer than retro-fit kits (albeit very expensive at over £500). I also benefitted from the deal mentioned earlier in the thread which gets me the satnav, an upgraded Radio, CD changer and a few other bits and bobs. I wanted the 2HH wheels as well but felt it was yet another additional cost that was perhaps unnessasary for the company to bear.

Also chose the Titanium and Anthracite cloth. I have had leather interiors before but cannot stand the freezing in winter / roasting in summer experience that I used to endure.

A guy that lives in our village ticked virtually every box on the options list for his 520d (over £5,000 extra) and he was saying the other day that he hasn't the faintest idea what he has actually had fitted!

I also thought the start-stop button was a nonsense. The main benefit explained to me is no longer needing the big heavy ingnition barrel that you would have with normal key-start. Less metal to be near the driver in event of an accident by all accounts.
Business Navigation - Any good? - Mart
I've just come across this after a Google search for BMW Business Sat Nav.

I am just about to put an order in for a 520d SE with the free Business Sat Nav & 6 CD offer.

How have you found the Sat nav? Is it any good? Would you upgrade to the full system if you had a second chance?

I've not used or owned sat nav before so can't really compare this to anything else.


Edited by Mart on 31/07/2008 at 13:01

Business Navigation - Any good? - Slightlyfatdirector
Hi Mart,

It is actually quite good.

I had a Tom Tom One (now passed to my wife) which I was always very pleased with. The BMW system is 2D rather than 3D which is maybe not quite as clear as Tom Tom but the other benefits far outweigh this small negative.

For a start I don't have to prise the SavNav off the window every time I fill up with fuel, stop for a paper, etc for security's sake. It is also great if you suddenly come across an accident / delay you can immediately reroute for a few miles to get you home in good time. I am delighted and certainly recommend you get it. Not sure that it is free though. Mine was £350 for the 6CD Changer and Sat Nav as a package.

In specific answer to your question do I regret not spending the extra to up grade it? Not at all, it works and is good value for money.

If I could make one suggestion about the car though, if you spec anthracite cloth interior it shows every speck of dust and all the plastics seem to mark really easily in day-to-day use. All wipes clean / hoovers up but it drives me to distraction!!!

I also specced the Bluetooth which is very, very good.

Good luck with the new car.

Business Navigation - Any good? - Pugugly
It is also great if you suddenly come across an accident / delay you can immediately reroute for a few miles to get you home in good time

My TT does that as well.
Business Navigation - Any good? - Mart
Thanks for your reply.

I tested a 520d overnight a couple of weeks ago and was really impressed with the car overall
The Sat Nav worked well and seemed easy to understand. The car's on order now, can't wait till mid October.

Thanks again
Business Navigation - Any good? - Pugugly
I hope you enjoy it - a lovely car in all areas.

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