97 2.5V6 - new head gasket - now poor MPG - Vansboy
Hi All!

Had the HG done, as we were loosing 1/2lt in 300miles or so. No loss of performance, or water in oil, so not certain if this was REAL cause of coolant loss, as it needed 2 further attempts to fix 'other leaks' after the HG!

But that's hard to quantify, so ignoring that, really. What we do have is MPG prior to repair of 27ish, now lucky to get 21!!

I have been using climate control & max heating/lights during the journey of 30miles, each way, daily, in darkness, so expect some increase in consumption.

But on a run from filling up in Luton, resetting the computer readings & straight onto M1, to start of motorway, daytime, no delays, max 6omph & no heating used, it still only got 23mpg.

So any input welcomed!

Thanks in advance!

97 2.5V6 - new head gasket - now poor MPG - injection doc
Cam timing needs to be spot on & its quite an art to get correct. Air leaks around manifold or vacum pipes in plenum chamber can cause a problem. Is T/stat working OK? Hope so because pig of a job to fit. Worth getting lambda senors check after HG failure as they may be cause of heavy MPG. Have an emission test carried out & a live data check buy someone who understands the info.
Water loss normally oil cooler seating in engine block or water valve at rear of head.
97 2.5V6 - new head gasket - now poor MPG - Vansboy
Emission test = spot on, so I'll pass on other suggestions to the repairers!


97 2.5V6 - new head gasket - now poor MPG - Elite Pete

As above really, cam timing is important and unless the proper locking and timing tools have been used its hard to get right, air leaks could be another problem. It is not usual for the V6 to suffer from head gasket problems the leaks are normally form the heater bypass valve the oil cooler plate of thermostat which is located in the V. Have a look at www.omegaowners.com its free, a brilliant site and the people on there are very friendly.
97 2.5V6 - new head gasket - now poor MPG - Vansboy
Thanks again


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