Estates or 4X4 boot sizes - help - Beejy
I'm after a bit of advice or recommendations.

I need an estate/ 4x4 with a large boot. The boot needs to be relatively square.

I'm replacing my unreliable Focus estate, which is fab in terms of boot space - not so big as many others, but a really practical shape - no wheel arches bending in and quite a square opening.

I have a dog crate to fit in the boot and while I know it will have to be altered to fit in the back of a different model, I don't want to lose too much space for the dogs.

I've tried a Mondeo, Accord and Mazda 6 - all have bigger bootsby total volume, but the crate will not fit in any because either the roof is too low or there are wheel arches in the way limiting the minimum width or, in the Mondeo's case, the boot curves to the tailgate, meaning the opening is narrower than the Focus - so the crate's maximum width will have to be reduced to get it past the curvature.

Any suggestions - I'm getting desperate now - I'm loathe to get a bigger car and have less room for the dogs.

Many thanks in advance...

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Boot sizes - help - Red Baron
Astra estate.

Sister-in-law has a double dog cage in the boot for her two collies. The 1.6 has been pretty faultless over the last 6 years (bought used).
Boot sizes - help - RichardW
C5 estate has a huge boot, and due to the underfloor trailing arm suspension, minimal wheel arch intrusion. I'm surprised that a Mondeo estate boot will not take something that a Focus will, but there you go. Alternatively what about a Berlingo or scenic or something that has a very high roof line?
Boot sizes - help - deepwith
We used a large dog crate with the Mondeo estate. We have a crate which opens on two sides. The trick is to put the seats down in the back, put the cage in flat and assemble it in the boot. Pull towards the door - protecting plastic on car with two bits of sponge - put up the seats.
Crate now firmly in place and even more useful, on a hot day you can leave the rear door open if you have padlocked the crate door.
Boot sizes - help - legacylad
Old style Legacy estate? My previous '97 R plate had 10% greater internal load space than the new Sports Tourer. We had a large dog crate which accommodated 3 Westies with ease, and it had 4 tie down points.
Now offering fantastic value for money in standard 2.0 GLS trim with electric sunroof.Plenty of people here in the BR will agree with me about their not worry about the 32/34 mpg, or its age, the main cost is depreciation.
Boot sizes - help - honeybear
Megane Sport Tourer is deceptively (?) spacious and has more boot than a Laguna. We have the rear seats down all the time and carry our 3 dogs caged no problem.
Estates or 4X4 boot sizes - help - shawad
Mid size MPV?

The Zafira has something like 650litres behind the second row to the glass line, 1000litres if you fold up the second row seats and 1800litres fully loaded to the roof.

Here's the dimensions from VX:
Loadspace dimensions mm inches
Maximum fl oor length ? behind front seats, second-row seat back lowered 1809 71.2
Maximum fl oor length ? behind front seats,second-row seat folded and stowed 1525 60.0
Maximum fl oor length ? behind second-row seat 1088 42.8
Maximum fl oor length ? behind third-row seat 405 15.9
Maximum fl oor width 1114 43.9
Width between wheel arches 1071 42.2
Tailgate aperture height 893 35.2
Tailgate aperture width 1136 44.7

I can't remember seeing any wheel arch intrusion, but might be wrong.
Estates or 4X4 boot sizes - help - shawad
Pic of the boot:

No wheel arch intrusion.

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Estates or 4X4 boot sizes - help - Mapmaker
If the Focus is ideal for your purposes, why not get another?
Estates or 4X4 boot sizes - help - Beejy
Thanks for all your replies.

My focus is an 03 plate 1.8TDCI - the 113 bhp version - and the new-style Focus estates seem to have a smaller boot.

I'm also looking for something a bit heavier to tow my (admittedly dinky) caravan.

I think I may have to make a compromise on space for reliability and (possibly) ground clearance as we go to dog shows and often have to park on grassy fields.
Estates or 4X4 boot sizes - help - NARU
Local dog walker uses a citroen berlingo multispace - fits a variety of dog cages.

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