1992 1.8 diesel - Rear brake leaking. - pullgees
1992 1.8 diesel. I replaced the rear brake cylinder recently as the old one had seized. Yesterday I removed the brake drum to inspect the condition of the shoes and give a dust out to discover that the fairly new cylinder is leaking. The shoes have done 17000 miles Given that the Fiesta shoe are not that thick in lining to start with, they still don't look that much worn. I suppose I could have a faulty cylinder. Are there any other reasons for this? Mileage of car 80000 miles.

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Rear brake leaking. - Rover25
could be a faulty cylinder, could be an incorrectly fitted cylinder. The apparent lack of wear though may not be an issue, most of the braking effort is done at the front.
Rear brake leaking. - DP
most of the braking effort is done at
the front.

I have never touched the back brakes on the Mondeo in the 40k I've done in it, and there's still loads left on the pads. They work fine according to the MOT man. And this is a significantly heavier car than the Fiesta, so should be harder on brakes.

Were there any comments / advisories at MOT time? The MOT brake test will highlight any lack of effort from any brake.


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Rear brake leaking. - pullgees
It's only a slight leak and didn't show up on the recent MOT. I was thinking maybe the drum is worn to such an extent that the pistons are coming out too far. A garage told me it could be the adjuster but I can't see how.
Rear brake leaking. - jc2
Even with completely worn-out shoes,the pistons should not come out of the cylinders-neither could the adjuster cause a leak.

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