325i MPG figures - Ubi
BMW are quoting 29.1 mpg for this car on the urban cycle. That seems somewhat optimistic for a six cylinder 3 litre petrol engine.

Anyone here ever obtained these figures ?

325i MPG figures - CJay{P}
You will NEVER replicate ANY of the manufacturer's (BMW or anyone else) figures on a consistent basis. They are a guide, that is all.

Having said that BMW's do have very good consumption figures - way ahead of the competition.
325i MPG figures - ijws15
You will NEVER replicate ANY of the manufacturer's (BMW or anyone else) figures on a
consistent basis. They are a guide that is all.

I have over 119k in an Accord.

If you are worried about fuel economy why buy a 325?
325i MPG figures - Ubi

I want accurate data with which to project a 5 year running cost comparison against other models, including the 325D whose claimed urban cycle is only about 5mpg better than the petrol model.

If the difference really is 5mpg it's barely worth getting the diesel. However, if BMW's figures are wildly inaccurate and the petrol engine returns, say, 21mpg around town - which is my experience with my current Audi V6 2.8 - then it changes the figures completely.

I have real world data from a friend which suggests that the fuel consumption claims for the diesel are pretty close.

Not eveybody takes this approach, granted. Works for me.
325i MPG figures - cjehuk
The latest BMW 3-Series has "Efficient Dynamics" or effectively a series of computers that do things like stop start at traffic lights etc hence the good figures on an EU test. If you frequently do only 2 mile journeys these won't get a chance to act. If you frequently roar away from the lights with your foot down then stand on the brakes then you won't see the benefit. If you drive sensibly with lots of anticipation you'll probably get close to the actual figure. It's more about how you drive than what you drive- My Audi TT is supposed to get 26mpg in Urban driving and I regularly see 33/34mpg.
325i MPG figures - Peter S
I covered around 8k miles in an E90 330i SE Auto in 2005 (pre efficient dynamics by a long way). That car averaged just under 27mpg in mixed use. I'd have expected the manual to do better than this; perhaps very low 30s, but my journeys had very little urban mileage.

I'd also expect the 325i and 330i to deliver fairly similar economy in day to day use, but 29 mpg in regular urban use for a 325i manual sound optimistic IMO...though efficient dynamics technology makes it more likely than before


325i MPG figures - bimmer-driver
My boss has a 2007 325i M-Sport manual. Its not the stop start one and he reckons he averages just under 30 mpg in mixed driving.
325i MPG figures - DeeMac
I have a 2006 320d Touring.

Town driving saw 33-34mpg. This has improved to 38-40mpg by altering driving style to use higher gears whenever possible.

I previously had an A4 1.8T Avant, which did 29-30mpg. I would suspect that your 6 cylinder petrol would struggle to meet this. 25mpg would seem a realistic target for urban mpg.

I was under impression that efficient dynamics was only available on 4 cylinder models?
325i MPG figures - UncleR
Interesting DeeMac, I have a 318i Petrol Touring and round town get between 28-30mpg. I was surprised it was so low considering the combined mpg is quoted as 35.

However, seeing your figures and knowing the high price of diesel, I'm less concerned I went for a petrol!
325i MPG figures - jimf1912
I have had a 335d for a year now, rush hour commute returns 31mpg, long journeys from Glasgow to Manchester get 39mpg, using cruise control, and 80-82mph setting.
325i MPG figures - smokescreen
How many miles is on your 335d ? Any improvement as the miles go up?
325i MPG figures - jimf1912
Been off the radar lately, sorry folks. To reply (belatedly) to the message in June, my 335d now gets 30-32mpg over a mixed use commute, still 36-39mpg on a long motorway cruise. Has 22k miles on it now.
325i MPG figures - Bill Payer
using cruise control and 80-82mph setting.

You'd be better setting it as 79MPH. You should get away with that if you get lasered off a motorway bridge, but you may well get done at 80+
325i MPG figures - ijws15
You will get done at 80.

I had three points for 81 on a NSL dual carriageway.

Cameras and camera vans show none of the discretion a bobby in a car may show.
325i MPG figures - fortygreen
Back to Ubi's original question. The answer is yes. I have a 325i manual with the 3.0L engine and Efficient Dynamics, and only 5,000 miles on the clock. It has been returning more or less exactly 30mpg in urban commuting, even in the recent cold weather. Apart from the ED magic, I think part of the reason is that the 3.0 is very tractable from low revs, so I tend to change up early in urban driving. Also, I use V-Power. On motorway journeys, mpg is up in the high thirties, with a record of 41 over a 250-mile run in fine warm weather.

I too was very surprised to match the manufacturer's figures - have never managed to with other marques. The only blemish with this impressive car was a high-pressure fuel pump failure - this seems to be very common.
325i MPG figures - Alex147
I had a 328i for 5 years and got 30 mpg on average, so would expect the newer ones to be more economical