2002 1.6 - Driver side heating fault - heineken21a
Hello all. I've a small problem with the heating in my Laguna and any assistance would bw most welcome. The car has a digital control for the heating. All aspects of the unit work just fine except for the heating only on the drivers side. She has heating on the passenger side and thus has no problem. But the lack of heat on my side is driving(excuce pun) me mad. I was quoted ?50 for a diagnostic on the system, and ?600 for a new digital control panel. a bit steep I'd say. Any body had/have a similar problem? Thanks

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2002 1.6 - Driver side heating fault - michellek
Hi , I seem to have the exact same fault as you and was hoping that you've found a cost effective way to sort it?

2002 1.6 - Driver side heating fault - simond
Hi all,

I've got a 2002 1.9dci with what sounds like a similar problem, everything works fine apart from i only get cold air from the drivers side.
I found a really good renault forum on the net, but for the life of me cant remember what it was called, but someone had posted on there, that it is your right hand mixer motor that is at fault, not the control panel. apparently, there are approximately 8 different motors on these fully auto climate units.
The motors are about £45 from renault or a good motor factors, but unless your a contortionist, you need to take the dashboard out, to change this one in particular.
I got quoted for this from renault at about the same as a new control unit (approximately £600), whether or not it would be cheaper to buy the motor and get a local garage to have a go i'm not sure, but for now i've got round the problem by turning the heating on the passenger side to max, and then pressing the re-circulate button (right hand temp control inner button) until the red light appears, after a while warmish air comes through.

Hope this helps a bit


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