2006 model radio removal - Please Help ! - wrightstuff
Hi, is there anybody out there who knows how to correctly remove the radio from a 2006 56 reg Ford Focus Hatch?
I have had fair experience of fitting radios, cd changers, hands free kits etc over the years and i would like to install a bluetooth kit to my car. I have accumulated various radio removal keys including Ford ones but none fit these new style radios. They look like they are removed by using keys but i have been told by a Ford dealer that you need some 'special' keys which they won't supply and it's very tricky and time consuming etc??
Are they just trying to fob me off? I would appreciate any help please. Thanks.........

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2006 model radio removal - Please Help ! - Ford Dagenham

When I changed the 6000 single slot cd player in the Wifes Fiesta I found it needed four flat spoon handle like ends to be inserted it was a very fiddly job.

Halfords sell the required tools they are very similar to the VAG ones if I remember correctly.

Good Luck

Martin Winters
2006 model radio removal - Please Help ! - Dynamic Dave
Correct tool looks like this:-


2006 model radio removal - Please Help ! - Destructo

Hi wrightstuff,

There's a great tutorial for removing your Ford Focus stereo and upgrading it here:


You can get the upgrade kits from them too and they seem good value.

I know this is very late but hopefully it'll help others too.


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