2000 2.2 HDi - OBD Headers, Physical Addressing - Ade607
Hi, I want to access the particulate fluid ECU on my car to read and clear down DTC's contained within it so I can do this as I go along looking at things for problem diagnosis. I have a fairly (or very) technical question.

Does any one know if the Particulate filter ECU be accessed like in the same way as other modules of the ECU by setting the headers in a terminal session? If so (and this is the biggy) does anyone know the physical address or how to find out what this is? Also is there anywhere that I may be able to find commands to reset the fluid counters?

2000 2.2 HDi - OBD Headers, Physical Addressing - topbloke
the guys on the bba-reman forum maybe able to help with your question (sorry if this transgress rules about other websites )


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