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1999 (s) 1.8 (x18xe) eml on , loss of power - zippy2k6
hi changed my cam sensor and now the eml is on constant , disconected the battery for 40mins and still on so done paperclip test and im getting

P0110 Intake Air Temperature Circuit Malfunction
P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

iv put original sensor back on and eml still on its had new plugs , leads , dis pack ,cleaned throttle body, new crankshaft sensor,cleaned iac, new colant temp sensor and also new maf some help would be good thanks.


1999 (s) 1.8 (x18xe) eml on , loss of power - zippy2k6
also the car struggles to idle correctly and cuts out when warm ,but will start again ,but this is very scary when aproaching a junction , roundabout etc also iv heard the camshaft fault will show up as the engine aint running so does this just mean the air intake temperature sensor needs relaced . ,

1999 (s) 1.8 (x18xe) eml on , loss of power - Screwloose

Can you confirm that this indeed an X18XE and not an X18XE-1, as that XE-1 engine code has a very specific IAT circuit fault. [The XE-1 has the ECU on the inlet manifold and the IAT in the MAF.]

The intake air temp sensor is in the trunking near the MAF; can you test it's resistance?

Why did you originally change the cam sensor? Was the MIL on before you changed it? What is the condition of the cam-sensor wiring?

Have you checked for a slack cam-belt or fretted cam-pulley keyway[s] putting the cam/crank synchronicity out?

It's a crank sensor code that can appear until the engine starts; but it's not common on the Simtec ECUs.

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1999 (s) 1.8 (x18xe) eml on , loss of power - zippy2k6
yes defo x18xe ,tried to test resistance but the ohms dont stay steady it started at 1990ohms then it keeps dropping the longer a hold the lamps on it :-( is this a faulty sensor, should it not stay at around 1900 ohms at ambient temp ,anyway the reason i changed the cam sensor was recently car has been cutting out as soon as its started from cold ,but the second time you start it it idles ruff then cames down, but the other day had been busy going to shops and stuff and the cars eml came on and it cut out straight after it, started it up again but kept dying constantly,clock nee,dles were all over the place so was advised on an other forum that it was possibly cam or crank sensor so have replaced both and now eml is on all the time where as before i changed the 2 sensors the eml would only come on when the car was warm wiring looks fine , but cant see where cam sensor cable goes to from the sensor, an the cambelt got changed about 6 months ago thanks

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1999 (s) 1.8 (x18xe) eml on , loss of power - zippy2k6
just rechecked sensor its at 1876ohms across the resistor and its not jumping around anymore more , must have been a bad conection of the leads on meter
1999 (s) 1.8 (x18xe) eml on , loss of power - Screwloose

That resistance is well within the allowable range; so shouldn't be setting a code.

Are you geting a 5 volt[?] feed to it on the brown/grey and a good earth on the brown/green? The ECU measures it by current flow.

Check the belt tension. I'd also wonder about the cam sensor and the ECU's earthing.

Edited by Screwloose on 10/02/2008 at 01:39

1999 (s) 1.8 (x18xe) eml on , loss of power - zippy2k6
will go an check voltage and at earth at the plug , will also have a look at the tension of the belt , can you explain were the cam sensor wire goes to from the sensor so i can trace it thanks for your help cheers .
1999 (s) 1.8 (x18xe) eml on , loss of power - zippy2k6
checked , got 5v and an earth so i think i can rule that out .
1999 (s) 1.8 (x18xe) eml on , loss of power - zippy2k6
have traced cam sensor cable back and all looks fine took rubber cover off ecu and all looks fine there too , removed my spark plugs and gave them a clean as they were absolutly caked in carbon prob cause cars running in limp mode its overfueling ,but nothing has worked :-( any more ideas
1999 (s) 1.8 (x18xe) eml on , loss of power - Ell's
Hi zippy I know you posted this thred A long time ago but I seem to have the same problem
did you find out what fixed it! And did you have any smoke coming the back?

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