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Chip in windscreen - repair? - Dulwich Estate
My shiny new (well, less than a year since last renewal) windscreen has a small fingernail sized chip / gouge more or less dead centre and about 200mm below the interior mirror. Darned annoying, but I suppose it's what you get if you spend a lot of time on motorways.

I don't want to claim again because I reckon I'll get a loading for having had 2 new windscreens in less than a year. But, if the specialists fix it rather than renew it, does that still count as a claim and lead to insurance premium loading next time?

Are there DIY kits? Or mobile repairers?

Advice please.
Chip in windscreen - repair? - Dynamic Dave
Any windscreen claim or repair shouldn't affect the loading of your policy.

Does your insurance offer free chip repairs?
Chip in windscreen - repair? - Stuartli
Your insurance company will most likely have an agreement with a particular windscreen specialist such as AutoGlass - as DD suggests, small chip repairs will probably be done free.
Chip in windscreen - repair? - daveyjp
Had a chip approx 5mm across filled a couple of weeks ago - Autoglass had a temporary repair centre (three gazebos!) set up in a local shopping centre car park. They just took my insurance company and policy number details (I carry a copy of it with me). Took about half an hour. At least now it's done I know it won't get worse.

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Chip in windscreen - repair? - L'escargot
My shiny new (well less than a year since last renewal) windscreen has a small
fingernail sized chip / gouge .........

If it's that big it's liable to cut the wiper blades as they pass over it.
Chip in windscreen - repair? - Dulwich Estate
L'escargot - it will be fixed.

Thanks guys - but to get it done for "free" you need to tell insurers.

I don't worry too much about the £50 / £60 excess. What bothers me is that at next renewal time thay say "Well DE, you've had two claims in the last 12 months and you may well have a protected no-claim bonus, but because of the claims, next year's premium will be £600 and not £400.

I may give them a call. But then if I do I will have informed them by asking the question. Grrr!
Chip in windscreen - repair? - Cliff Pope
I don't think they bother about windscreens - it's just one of the everyday facts of motoring life.
We had a chip in one of our vans. It worked exactly like in the Kevin whatsit advert on Classic FM. It was only a small chip, we ignored it, then it suddenly got bigger and the screen cracked. The man from A******s (don't know why you thought it was necessary to censor the word Autoglass with asterisks!) replaced it the same day, we filled out a special form, and we just paid the £50 excess on the spot. All sorted out between the glazier and the insurance company. The chip would have been free.

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Chip in windscreen - repair? - steveo3002
we got a nasty bullseye chip in our banger thats got no window cover....i bought a ebay kit for £11 and im pleased with the results, its say 80% better looking than it was

maybe consider that if you feel the insurance will go up
Chip in windscreen - repair? - L'escargot
......... to get it done for "free" you need to tell insurers.

Normally you just give the repairer your insurance details and they sort everything. You don't need to contact your insurer yourself.
Chip in windscreen - repair? - Dulwich Estate
I refer all you kind, well meaning and most honourable gentlemen to the adjoining thread: "Loaded for no claim".

Are you so sure it won't hurt later?
Chip in windscreen - repair? - charlesb
I had similar situation, but when I switched insurer's to Admiral last year, they told me that they don't count accidental Windscreen replacements as claims..
Chip in windscreen - repair? - L'escargot
Are you so sure it won't hurt later?

Ask your particular insurer. Get it straight from the horse's mouth.
Chip in windscreen - repair? - daveyjp
Dulwich - if you think your insurance company may get their money back later you can always pay to have it done.

I've never had to declare a windscreen repair buying insurance, so if your current company seem to be loading your premium swap to someone else.

Its good business sense for the insurance company. Pay £20-30 for a repair, or pay £200+ for a new screen.
Chip in windscreen - repair? - hjd
There are mobile repairers out there - often set up outside Halfords or supermarkets. My daughter's Ka has a small chip, not in the line of vision, but need ing to be repaired. I am going to take it to a mobile chap who sets up once a month outside Tesco (at Brooklands this weekend) and he has quoted the standard £35 incl VAT since she only has TPFT. Insurance would pay if she had comp insurance - but at that price better just to pay in case it counts as a claim, I would have thought.
Chip in windscreen - repair? - jbif
Hello Cliff Pope
>>I don't think they bother about windscreens - it's just one of the everyday facts of motoring life.

I think they do bother. Here are just three links to get you started:
"You must declare the windscreen claim. I have had two claims in the last year, and when filling in online quote forms, ticked the "I have had a claim" box. A new window then opened and "windscreen claim" was always one of the options on the 6-8 sites I visited..."

"As long as you have been accident and claims free (other than 1 windscreen claim in the last 3 years) and have never had insurance refused or cancelled,.."

"Even if your insurance says the windscreen claim will not effect your NCB (which is correct), it can still effect your protection of NCB at renewal if not declared... they view it as being "dis-honest" when calculating the NCB premium! .."
Chip in windscreen - repair? - henry k
Thanks for the info, a very timely reminder.
A few weeks ago, for the first time ever, I needed a new screen .
I am certain, in ignorance, I would not have declared this claim at renewal time in May.

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