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To remap, or not to remap? - clachnacudden
Hi There,

Just a quick question really. I have an Audi A3 1.8T (Automatic tranny 2000 - 53K) and am thinking about getting a remap of the ECU to increase it's power. I enjoy the car at the moment, but I thought a remap would put a bigger grin on my face. Don't get me wrong, i do not intend to thrash the car, never have, but simply want to have a little more 'go' from time to time.

However, I am concerned about two things:

* The short and long tems effects of the remap on components, especially on my Auto. tranny.
* The knock on effect when I come to resell.

Any thoughts on this..


To remap, or not to remap? - madf
And your increased insurance premium?
If you do not notify them , you will /may invalidate your insurance.
To remap, or not to remap? - De Smythe
Remaps to the uninitiated (and also un-informed insurance companies) are up there in the valhalla of chavdom along with dump valves, induction kits, neon under-lights and "performance" exhausts. However, it's not all like that and these remaps are really about improving driveability - not just giving some meaningless extra BHP for tyre smoking traffic light grand prix.

I investigated a subtle remap for my Astra turbo and reputable tuning companies (can I mention them?) such as Courtney Sport and Regal offer various stages of remapping. Aside from the initial expense of the software upgrade you may find you need a new pre-cat exhaust section, uprated intercooler, uprated brakes etc etc and it does get seriously expensive. Torque graphs are available from the tuning companies and show an increase in power across the whole band but noticably more at the top end. Not sure if you use VW main dealers but some manufacturers install automatic software upgrades with their standard service schedules and, unless you notify the dealer in advance, you could find your expensive remap wiped off in an instant.

I was also admitetdly a little nervous about the extra strains it would put on the clutch and scrapped the idea altogether.

Concerning resale? Unless you use a specialist website on which to advertise your car will almost certainly be blacklisted as a boy racer chariot by any potential "general" purchaser. Best to remove all traces of any such upgrades before sale even if it means effectively chucking money down the pan.

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To remap, or not to remap? - TheOilBurner
I think the key is to find another car/engine that uses your gearbox and puts out (in standard tune, from the factory) the same or higher torque than your car will *after* tuning.

If you can find such a car, then you will know that the autobox can handle it without any problems. If not, then I think that might suggest the gearbox is already running at max torque.

As a precaution, you could always flush the ATF every 30-40k miles too.

That doesn't mean your turbo/injectors/fuel pump won't die early though!

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To remap, or not to remap? - rogue-trooper
I was once tempted to buy an Audi diesel and said that I thought it lacked a bit of pwer and that it could do with a tune-up. The dealer to my surprise said that they would happily organise that with a company around the corner although it would not be an official job.

My BMW diesel was recently in and I mentioned the map on the ECU and asked whether it really harmed it. Answer was a non-commital "no".

But this was both for diesel so not sure the difference for petrol.

As for the insurance company, I told them and it has not affected the premium at all.

Car is still running OK - had upgrade for 20 odd thousand miles but no doubt something will go splat. Car has 85k on clock so will be hard to tell if upgrade or age.
To remap, or not to remap? - TheOilBurner
And the dealers are technically qualified to answer the question as to the max torque of the gearbox? I doubt it.

Simple fact is, if something does go wrong, it won't be their problem: "Oh, but you've had the ECU mapped, Sir.".
To remap, or not to remap? - clachnacudden
I have thought about a remap for a while, but am still ambivalent it. What I did do however, was to e-mail several companies (main office and independent) about my Auto tranny concerns. Interestingly none of these companies have replied, I can only take this to mean that are unsure, and do not want to commit to an answer via e-mail.

I did e-mail about other products around the same time, and received an e-mail back within hours!!!

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