2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Jimcalagon
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I have a 2004 Vauxhall Zafira Petrol 1.6, last Tuesday, driving in to work I had to join a main road turning right across the carriageway and needed to put my foot down to get up to speed. Whn I did this the ignition electronics 'spanner' light came on and the engine lost a lot of power for a few seconds. I drove the rest of the way into work (all downhill) with the light on, trying to use the accelerator as little as possible and when I stopped and restarted the engine in the car park, the light went out. Since then the car has run normally.

This morning, again driving into work and this time almost coasting downhill with very little use of the accelerator, the light came on again. This time there was no loss of power to the engine and the car drove absolutely normally again. Again, one I got into work and stopped and started the engine, the light went out.

I don't know what's causing the light to come on - the only other thing I can say is that the car is a couple of months overdue for a service and, judging from the rust on the back-box, the exhaust might be in need of replacement at some point soon as well.

Any ideas?

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2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Turtle1966
My old Vauxhall had this as an indicator that a service is due. I would think it is still the same? Not sure why it would have gone off again?

There is a way of cancelling it, something to do with the ignition switch and re-setting the notification.

If I can find the process for this, i'll post it up.
2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Dynamic Dave
My old Vauxhall had this as an indicator that a service is due.

Service due indicator on a Zafira is by way of the word InSP briefly appearing in the odometer display when the ignition is turned on.

This light is actually (to quote from the handbook) the engine electronics, transmission
electronics, immobiliser fault light.

If it flashes when the ignition is on:
Fault in the electronic immobiliser system

If it lights up when the engine is running:
Fault in engine electronics system or transmission electronics system (ignore latter if you don't have an auto gearbox). Electronics switch to limp-home programme, fuel consumption may increase and driveability of the vehicle may be impaired.

In some cases, the fault can be remedied by switching the engine off and on aga in. If the control indicator lights again when the engine is running, consult a workshop to have the cause of the fault remedied.

In short, if the light keeps coming on, there is a fault. That fault will be stored in the ECU memory and will have to be interogated by someone with a fault code reader to tell you what the actual cause is.

As regard to the rusty backbox, if it's the same as the Astra-G, then it's double skinned and more cosmetic than terminal.

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2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Jimcalagon
Thanks Dave - I had read that page in the handbook but I am loathe to put the car in the hands of a vauxhall dealer (I'm on the Isle of Man and the dealers hold you to ransom here) and I thought I'd see if anyone had any other thoughts before I got ready to fork out. So it looks like a fault in the engine electronics.

And I have seen the 'InSP' flashing up when I started the car up but didn't think anything of it - D'oh! I think I'll get it serviced and see what good an oil change etc. does it. Grasping at straws, I know....

Comforting words about the exhaust though - it does look like it's double skinned.
2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Screwloose

Most garages on the mainland have access to the necessary equipment these days; have you tried ringing a few of your local indies? You may not have to go to the dealer.

A service might just help; worn-out plugs and low oil are two [of a couple of thousand] possible faults that can set codes that put the MIL light on.
2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - DP
It's worth approaching this and the service at the same time.

I think I'm right in saying that included in the price of a service at a main dealer and many indies with the right kit is usually a scan / reset of the ECU's stored fault codes. If it needs a service anyway, it saves forking out separately for a diagnostic session. Clearly any major investigative work needed is going to cost you extra, but knowing what codes are logged is a vital first step in the diagnostic process. If it's something reasonably straightforward (an unambiguous code for example), you might be able to negotiate a good price to get the work done at the same time.

2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Screwloose

An unambiguous code.... On a Vauxhall.....? You'll be lucky...

[EGR code - faulty MAF; MAF code - stuck EGR; P0607 "Internal ECU error; replace ECU" - oil a bit low......]

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2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Jimcalagon
Not filling me with confidence here chaps...
2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Altea Ego

Its an engine that used on gazzilions of engines in astaras, vectras and alike. Take your car and your wallet to a good vauxhall independent (who will have a code reader and some experience ) and get it serviced (like you know you should) and tell them to check the symptoms as well.

Start with the obvious first. You know it needs a service, the car is telling you it needs a service so start there first and not by trying to diagnose the subsequent error codes.
2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Victorbox
One bit of good news is the exhaust (unless it is blowing ) will be OK for a bit as the back box is double skinned and unusually the Mk 4 Astra / Zafira Mk1 boxes seem to go in the outer skin first. This piece of advice was given to my Dad about is Astra from a Vauxhall main dealer - so they don't all set out to fleece you.
2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Ruperts Trooper
Because of double skinned exhaust, they'll last "forever", well 8 years and still going strong for our two Astra-Gs - we do know they're original.
2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Jimcalagon
Thanks for the replies everyone. Spoke to the local Vauxhall Master Fit people (only 'offical' lot on the island so they think they have you over a barrel, like all the local monopolies here) who quoted me £250 for a service.

I finally booked the car in with a local garage with a good reputation who will do a full service with diagnostics for £160. I'm hoping that a change of spark plugs will sort the problem.
2004 1.6 - spanner light on dash - Victorbox
Just had the spark plugs changed on my company 2006 Zafira at 40,000 miles (scheduled in the second service) plus all the filters etc and not surprisingly it's like a new car! No way I would run a car I owned to that mileage on one set of plugs.

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