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May need to hire a car for a couple of days as mine is in garage waiting replacement crank shaft sensor, (will put a post up about this latter).

What I would like to do is for myself and her indoors to drive the car, problem is that my wife
has had her licence less than a year does anyone know of any hire co's that would allow my wife to drive.

Have looked through the web but with no luck so far#

Many thanks

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Car Hire New Driver - Altea Ego
Most of them will, depends on age tho - how old is she?
Car Hire New Driver - Car
Shes 33 years old.

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Car Hire New Driver - Altea Ego
Should be fine, you as primary driver, she as a named second driver.
Car Hire New Driver - Car
Tried 5 to 6 all said no go, and couldn't even be bothered to ask their insurers!!
Car Hire New Driver - deepwith
Have you tried Enterprise? My son, then 18, was able to use the car I had as replacement despite the fact he had squashed my car. Admittedly it was provided via the insurance company.
Does your repair shop not have courtesy cars? If your wife is on your insurance they should not have a problem with her driving it.
Alternatively ask if you can rent a car and if they would then find it acceptable for her to insure herself, fully comp, with a NU short term policy (£10.50 a day - £27 for three days)

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