03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - OAP
As the proud owner of a June 2003 Jazz, I was alarmed to read the following item in HJ's section of the DT:

· Breaking up...
"My 2002/52 Honda Jazz needs some new gearbox bearings. One is breaking up and I have been quoted £1,000 to sort that or £1,300 to replace all seven. Is this reasonable? Would it be cheaper to buy a reconditioned gearbox instead?"
L.W., via email
"This is fairly common on older Jazz models. Honda helps if the car is less than five years old but won't contribute if it isn't. Get competitive quotes from specialist transmission repairers."

My four-and-a-half years old Jazz has done 37K miles and from new I have endeavoured to do all the things which HJ recommends so as to ensure long reliable life from this car.

However, I have to confess that the following advice (from FAQ's) did not happen:

"It's also a good idea to have the transmission oil changed after the first year to get rid of any swarf which could later be ground up into tiny particles which eventually get into the bearings and accelerate wear."

I did enquire about having this done at the time but was told "We have never heard of the need for that". The Jazz Service Book says: Replace transmission fluid at 75K or 96 months, whichever comes sooner.

Is the failure to have the oil changed at 12 months, the reason why L.W. is having problems now? His mileage is not quoted but as a rule Jazz owners do not do high mileage.

What signs or sounds should I be looking out for to indicate that I, too, face similar problems?

On the grounds that it is better late than never, my immediate reaction is to have my gearbox oil changed immediately. Main Dealer's cost for doing anything is horrific. Is there a particular oil that I should ask local inde' to use for this job?


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03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - grease monkey
the jazz gearbox has a magnet built in to the lower gearbox casing which can only be accessed when the gearbox is split for repair , so any bits of swarf etc will be stuck to that which is well out of the way of the gearclusters & other components. i`ve stripped quite a few jazz gearboxes but have only put bearings in a few,never had to put any new gears in,just the odd syncro hub & several shift fork levers,& reverse gear shift fork ( all under warranty)The oil honda recommend is MTF-3 which is a synthetic based gear oil.
if it aint broke don`t fix it
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - OAP
Thank-you GM...that is very reassuring, especially coming from a Hondaperson!

It does, however, leave me wondering why the owner of the Jazz in question is having problems and why you have had to 'strip quite a few Jazz gearboxes' on a model which has not been around in any quantity until relatively recently. Also, HJ said 'This is fairly common with older Jazz'. That little magnet is a brilliant idea...so it can't be swarf.

Is there anything I and other Jazz owners can do to put off the day when this happens to us...or, better still, avoid it altogether? My pension and I prefer prevention to cure :o)

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - grease monkey
OAP i dont think there is much you can can do in the way of prevenitive maintainance other than an oil change & being a sympathetic driver. The normal bearing that becomes noisy in the jazz gearbox in my experience in the input shaft bearing,its just a common or garden ball bearing (not a taper type or needle roller type) so im at a bit of a loss why they fail occasionally, perhaps poor quality control at the manufacturing stage. most of the jazz boxes ive stripped have been for poor reverse gear selection which required fitting some modified parts but upon being stripped down & a thorough examination we found a faulty bearing & to ensure complete customer satisfaction we fitted a bearing at the same time.
All that being said we only get an approx time of 5hrs to remove,strip,replace parts,reassemble,refit the gearbox, so im sure that a good independent gearbox specialist could bring the price down a heck of a lot.good luck
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - OAP
Thanks for that, GM.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - hondajazzowner
GM can you tell me is the car still safe to drive if a bearing is missing ?


03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - oilrag
How often is the gearbox oil changed on the Honda?

I once had a Rover with a Honda box using engine oil, that needed 6 (box) oil changes in the 130,000 Miles I owned it.

We also had a Polo in the family that used hypoid oil and no changes in 17 years and 120,000 miles.

Both were fine at the end, but I did worry about getting grit into the Honda box on the plugs due to all the changes.

I suppose modern garage techniques don`t have the plugs tossed onto the garage floor?


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03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - max7
Hi, I'm new here so please be gentle!!
I know it's very slightly off thread, but we've got a Civic 1.4i (surely identical mechanicals to the Jazz??) that's just come back from it's yearly service with our Honda dealership.

They tell us the first motion shaft bearings are knackered (dunno what first motion shaft is...in my day, there was only a main shaft and a lay shaft!). The car is an 02, done 48,000. We're disgusted and disappointed of course, but looking around the web it seems we're not alone.

The original poster says "Honda helps if the car is less than five years old but won't contribute if it isn't"....Do you think they'll stretch to 6 years?! Well, I'll let you cos I'm going to try them today :=)

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03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - vans10
Hi, i'm also new here as i was searching on goggle about civic's gear box and found this post

Mine is 02 civic 1.4s done 73k. There are some grinding noise in Neutral and becomes quite loud in 1st and 2nd gear. However there isnt any noise when the clutch is down.

I took it to nationwide for a check but all they said was some internal problem with gearbox.....
and quote me for at least £1200 to replace it.

Is it likely to be problems wiv bearings or i will need to replace whole gearbox ? which one will be cheaper ?

I'm extremely worry as i cant go to work without my car, hope someone can help.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - ciivviic
Hello there, I'm new to this site but for the past month I have been having the same noise coming from my 1.4 2001 civic's gearbox. I took it to honda but they wanted £600 to strip it and diagnose the problem! I rang around a few gearbox specialists and they confirmed with me that the fault was with the input shaft bearings, which turns out to be a common fault on the Jazz and Civic box's. I rang honda back and told them I need the input bearing replaced, they replied with £730, but to be safe, £1020 for all the bearings to be replaced.
Robbing pink fluffy dice
I rang around again and spoke to a very informative gent at a transmission specialists called MTM in Lincoln, He said £300 + VAT to repair the gearbox but I would have to remove it by another source, not a bad price, but after paying another garage to remove the box, it would be around £550 for all the bearings all in!
So, on the phone again, the next gent I spoke to was the owner of a company called Henderson Transmissions in a small village called Sandtoft (7 miles from doncaster) and to cut a long story short, he quoted me £360 to remove the box, fit all new bearings, refit and oil. This is by far the best price I have found and all his work is guarenteed, so on that note, I drove my car to him, he gave me a lift home and 2 days later, all fixed, the noise has gone and the box is silky smoothe. So on that note, if you live anywhere in Yorkshire or Lincolnshire, I would recommend him over anybody.

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03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - OAP
I have not looked at this part of the site since January so was surprised to find that the thread which I started at that time is still arousing interest.

Thank-you very much, ciiwiic, for taking the trouble to tell us about Hendersons. They deserve to be listed in Honest John's Good Garages directory. All you need to do is to click on the blue and white button at top left of this page and inform HJ via e-mail. He always welcomes additions by genuine recommendation.

My Jazz is approaching it's 5th birthday and so-far-so-good but if I do have a gearbox problem, I know where I shall go.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Tuning

I have a civic from 2001 1.4i same problem.
I have changed the gearbox by 50000km bearing problem.
By the dealer, they put a Refurbished gearbox from a civic in that had an accident at the back.
Now I have by 62000km the same again.
In Holland, I have paid 1600Euro including labor.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Picz
Many thanks for your recomendation, I have just spoken to Gary at Henderson Transmission, my immediate impression is an honest man offering a value for money service, so I will be arranging to have my Jazz in for a repair to the gearbox. I have a Honda Jazz, its an 03 plate, 1.4 SE, and its done just over 90,000 trouble free miles!
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Pollmak
Well isn't interesting I also Have a Honda Civic 1.4s 2001 model with only 36000 on the clock and I have the same 1st and 2nd gear grinding noise problem. What did you do to repair the problem?
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Hourhouse
Another for the heap...

My Jazz is 52 Reg, 11/2002, with 55,500 on the clock. The input shaft bearing is wailing like a banshee at low speed in low gears. The local Honda dealership have confirmed the problem, and said they have not had it in a Jazz but two Civics have had problems.

I have phoned a few gearbox places who seem very familiar with the issue. Honda UK customer service, on the other hand, say it is NOT a "known problem" and as the car is well outside its 3 year warranty, they do not want to know.

Best quote so far is £300+VAT for the full job, and they will do it in a day for me so I can wait. Cleckheaton Gearbox and Clutch Centre, 0800 783 5706.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Adamsez
Mine is a 2002 Jazz with 60,000 on the clock - and all the classic noisy gearbox symptoms described above started showing at about 55,000. Mr Clutch wants £1,000 inc VAT for an exchange box and clutch, with short warranty; Littlewick Honda main dealer quotes £700 inc vat for rebuilding the box, plus £200 if I want a clutch, with longer warranty and whatever parts upgrades Honda will have introduced. This is my first big disappointment in decades of Honda car and bike ownership. I suspect penny-pinching on components at the Honda factory in Swindon. Thanks to the advice above, I will now consult Yellow Pages for an independent.

Nothing new about magnetic plugs, by the way.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - doctorchris
Adamsez, your Jazz was built in Japan, not Swindon.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Bill Payer
Littlewick Honda main dealer quotes £700 inc vat for rebuilding the box plus £200 if I want
a clutch with longer warranty and whatever parts upgrades Honda will have introduced.

Did this include a contribution from Honda?

Although by any standards the car is cracking on a bit now, it's only done 55K and the original 3yr warranty would have covered it up to 90K. And the gearbox bearings are a known issue.

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03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - timpiper40
Our 03 Jazz has done 45k miles since we purchased it, brand new. The supplying dealer has performed every service per schedule, regular as clockwork. We foolishly ignored the gearbox noise for the first year or so as it spread from first to second gear. Despite a £700 major service last summer, the dealer failed to highlight any problems to us. We suspect they never test drove it beyond the forecourt.

Since last summer the noise has spread to third and fourth gears, and the box now wails like a banshee in neutral. My faith in Honda main dealers has evaporated. Having read the trail above, I have not bothered going back to them and I am voting with my feet.

For those living in the South of the country, try talking to Gearlink Services in Salisbury (recommended to me by Triton Motorsport, the independent Bournemouth Subaru specialist). They quoted £611 inc VAT to remove, rebuild and refit the box. With Triton's seal of approval, I don't expect any problems, but will report back here when the job is done.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - JazzyKid
Thanks for all your tips! I have a 54 plate Jazz, with 41K on the clock. We started getting a high-pitched whine in low gears a while back, which was diagnosed as a gearbox bearing going at a main-dealer service. Had a quote of £850 from them to replace. As I would have to sell a kidney to raise this, i got another quote of £450-500 from an independent. I was rather gutted, what with Honda's reliability reputation, so I emailed Honda customer services, and expressed my concern that i should have this problem on a relatively low-mileage vehicle. Within a week, I had a letter from them offering to pay half the labour charge on the repair! The car was about one month from it's fifth birthday at the time. Back to the dealer, and all sorted! Without this site, I would probably have coughed up the full amount, and have an operation scar.....
Thanks everyone!
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - dual conrolled
Hi, i've got a 55 plate jazz, approaching 68000 miles, had the car 19 months not had a prob till now. sounds like i have a similar problem, 1st and 2nd gears make a wrrrrrring noise but once i get over 30mph its sounds fine, i've booked it in tomorrow at my local dealership, but am already expecting the worst my trouble is i'm a driving instructor and need my car back on the road a.s.a.p, can anyone recommend a garage in the derby area, who will do a good job for a fair price in a reasonable amount of time. my previous teaching car[corsa] cost me a fortune in repairs, thats why i chose a jazz, but i'm still recovering from the bills from my corsa days so any help would be appreciated.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - dual conrolled
sorry just edited, because it posted my message twice, probably knows how desperate i am.

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03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - grease monkey
luckily for all of you with jazz gearbox problems,honda have just issued a service bulletin extending the warranty on all jazz manual gearbox`s made between 20002-2008. It covers stripping the gearbox & replacing all the bearings free of charge. so get yourselves down to your local honda to get your gearbox issues checked.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Bill Payer
luckily for all of you with jazz gearbox problems honda have just issued a service
bulletin extending the warranty on all jazz manual gearbox`s made between 20002-2008.

Doh! I just changed wifey's 6yr old Jazz and one of the main reasons was that over the last few months I've started to be able to hear the gearbox.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - hondaJazzGearbox
"bulletin extending the warranty on all jazz manual gearbox`s made between 20002-2008. It covers stripping the gearbox & replacing all the bearings free of charge".

Reply: Wow, that is great news! How did you find out about that? Is there any chance you might be able to send me the details/link please?
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - baffled
Hi grease monkey

Please could you confirm that the warranty extension on all Jazz manual gearboxes is on those from the year 2002 - 2008 as you stated.

My car is a March 2003 registered Honda Jazz having done only 42,000 miles since new and apparently my input shaft bearings need replacing. However Honda are declining my request for the repairs to be done under the warranty stating that the chassis no. is a 2002 (November 2002).


03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - boomka

Grease Monkey: regarding your post about Service Bulletins. I've been in contact with my dealer about this problem, and have asked them about the Bulletin. They tell me it only covers "certain eras" and is not a blanket for all Jazzes in the timeframe mentioned. Granted, the guy I talked to might just be talking out of his rear and may not know the specifics of the Bulletin. Do you have any more information about the Bulletin that could help us to press our dealers? I can't find any other mention of it on the interwebz.

As it stands, they're going to look up my VIN (I've got a 55-reg 1.4L Manual) and come back to me about whether or not my car qualifies. I think I'll contact Honda HQ in the meantime and see what information I can get out of them.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Pistol
luckily for all of you with jazz gearbox problems,honda have just issued a service bulletin extending the warranty on all jazz manual gearbox`s made between 20002-2008. It covers stripping the gearbox & replacing all the bearings free of charge. so get yourselves down to your local honda to get your gearbox issues checked.

I just registered on this forum especially to say a massive, massive THANK YOU to greasemonkey et al for posting this information!

My car had been making a noise like a tank in gears 1-3. My mechanic said it was the gearbox bearings, and that a rebuild could cost anywhere between £500-1000. I was searching for reconditioned gearboxes when I stumbled across this thread...

When I first rang my dealership, they didn't want to know! They claimed there was no way Honda would extend the warranty on the gearbox. Dismayed but not dissuaded, the next day I phoned one of the dealerships where someone had had theirs fixed under warranty (Gatwick Honda in Crawley). They were extremely helpful, confirmed the extended warranty, and gave me the Technical Service Bulletin number.

I phoned my dealer back - they still didn't want to know, until I quoted the TSB number to them and they put me on hold while they looked it up... came straight back with "When would you like to bring the car in sir" :D

Two days later and my car is now fixed, at no cost to me! So, if anyone else is having trouble getting their dealership to believe this issue is covered under an extended warranty, just quote TSB number SJ 04-008-03 to them. They will have to believe you then :D

Oh, and make sure you have full service history, and if your car is an 03/04 reg I'd get it done ASAP - as the warranty is 7 years or 100,000 miles the period is nearly up for the earliest cars covered (though I think you'd still have a case if your car was over 7 years old but its mileage was significantly lower than 100,000 miles).

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - KathyWaddington

Hello and thank you, thank you, thank you to Grease Monkey. While this is now a very old thread, I do hope word gets back to him. My 2003 Honda Jazz has just had its gearbox stripped and bearings replaced - free, under the extended warranty, despite being two months out of the stipulated seven years. It was not without a fight, however, and having to go to Honda South Africa HO when the local dealer insisted it did not qualify. However, my argument was that it was diagnosed as needing new gearbox bearings during its April 2009 service - when I was quoted 'between R8000 and R10000'. My response then was that I simply could not afford it. Anyway after that service (60 000 kms) the noisy whining seemed to decrease, so I thought they were trying their luck with a woman owner ... but byDecember last year the noise was back with a vengeance, and through all the gears. In January I stumbled on Honest John while trying to find out about gearboxes online - and Grease Monkey's advice about the Service Bulletin. So back to the dealer I went, and asked him why I was not told of this at the time. He said not all 2002-2008 models qualified ... although on checking the VIN, he conceded that mine would have. Anyway, long story short, I got hold of the very efficient and gracious general manager in Johannesburg (I'm in Durban) who promptly looked into it and responded that "it certainly wasn't fair' to expect me to pay in those circumstances. So thank you, Mr Grease Monkey! Funny thing, though - the itemised bill totals R5312.84, not R10 000. Gearbox was stripped, bearings removed from diff and replaced, along with numerous oil seals and rings. The costliest item is something noted as "BRG SET. TRA" @ R1622 (after labour, @R3068). So to Honest John, Grease Monkey and all who generously share their knowledge - thank you!

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - alorimer82
Hi grease monkey,

I have the dreaded bearing issue on my 55 plate Civic Sport, do you know if they too are covered by the extended warranty you discovered?


03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Giinger Jazz

I want to say a huge 'thank you' to Grease Monkey for advice about the December Honda Service Bulletin saying they have extended the warranty on gearbox bearing repairs. I recently had strange noises coming from under the bonnet - whining in 1st and 2nd gear and then gradually in all gears.

I did research on this forum and found gearbox bearing were mentioned lots of times, then got a quote of £800-£900 from the Honda dealer to replace it. I showed them all these reports and asked if I would get compensated. They offered to phone Honda HQ to see what could be done.

In the meantime, I phoned Honda HQ to see if I could get a copy of the service bulletin. No joy, but the good news was that Honda agreed to pay for all the parts replaced and full cost of the labour. In one of my calls to Honda HQ they asked for the chassis number, presumably to check if my car 'qualified' for a free repair.

If anyone else is experiencing gearbox bearing problems, go into your Honda dealer, mention the service bulletin Grease Monkey refers to and also contact Honda HQ - it's an expensive phone call, but a lot cheaper than £900 if the repairs are done free.

Thank you, Grease Monkey - your advice was very valuable.

Happy Honda'ing

Giinger Jazz
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - jazz02
I have an 02 Jazz with bearings in need of replacing. I contacted Honda and was told the extended warranty only covers cars built 03 onwards. Apparently different bearings were used in manufacture before 03 and these were not faulty. I asked if that meant it was entirely co-incidental that my car has the same fault and was assured that that was the case. Seemed unlikely at the time and given the numer of 02 and 52 cars mentioned in this thread alone, it seems even less likely. I will be pursuing it with them and will point them at this thread for evidence. If you have an 02 / 52 Jazz that is affected by this it would be worth adding your story. The more people who do the harder it will be for Honda to claim the manufacturing fault doesn't affect pre-03 cars and you might save yourself £800 - £900.

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Honda Jazz 2003 gearbox problems - baffled
I recently noticed the strange whirring sound as mentioned in the various postings above and my local Honda dealer confirmed the bearings need replacing. Having discovered this site and the info from Greasemonkey about the extended warranty, I mentioned this so my dealer who confirmed I was in luck as the warranty expires for my car on 6th March this year. However I was eventually notified via the warranty department that, though my car was first registered in March 2003, it had a 2002 chassis number, which precluded me from the warranty. My car has only done 42000 miles and, having originally purchased a Honda because of the 'reliable reputation', think it's highly unlikely I should be having this problem (especially considering the same problem experienced by so many other Jazz drivers). Honda have quoted nearly £900 for the repair. I phoned Honda's Customer Care line but they are declining it for the reason given. Surely this cannot be correct - I had always assumed any warranty would be from the date the car was first registered. Has anyone any ideas where I can go from here?
Honda Jazz 2003 gearbox problems - nortones2
I bought a Civic in 2003. The warranty start date was the date of registration, and is noted as such on the inside cover of the service book. Hope this helps.
Honda Jazz 2003 gearbox problems - baffled
Nortones2 - thanks for your response. The problem is that Honda are saying that even though my car was registered in March 2003, the chassis (VIN) number is 2002, therefore I am not covered under the extended warranty. Their argument is that the gearbox was manufactured in 2002 so my car is not identified as one of those with a manufacturing problem.

Having read the other contributions to this site and so many other Jazz's with the same problem (including 2003's), I think it is highly likely that mine too had this manufacturing fault, especially as it has only done 42,000 miles since new. New input shaft bearings at 42,000 miles! Mmmm ...... I think Honda are trying to wriggle out of this one ...... I wonder what the BBC/Watchdog would make of it.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - baffled
Hi Giinger Jazz

I am pleased to see that you were able to get your Jazz repaired under the extended warranty after receiving the info from Grease Monkey. Could I ask what year your Jazz is? I have the same problem with my gearbox but Honda are declining my request (please see my recent posts).


03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - greenjazz

Hello, i've just had the same problem with the input shaft bearing my car is 03 registered but apparently built in 02 so not covered under extended warranty, i appealed the decision with no luck and will have cover the full cost of the gearbox rebuild. The car has covered under 60k with a full service history so i'm very disappointed. Obviously the faulty bearings go across the range from 2002-2008. I'm now going to find a specialist to replace the bearings as i wont be giving honda anymore money, common gearbox failiours at such low mileage can only mean poor build quality so i wont buy a honda again.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Naffy


I recall this subject from a couple of years ago on this site, and someone had the same issue and had the work done very well for much less than the estimates you are getting, worth spending 10minutes on the old treads on this site to see where it was at you may save some money. I seem to rememebr the OP was very pleased with the work .

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - CP73

Having been quoted £200 from an independent garage to look at my 2006 Jazz (55 plate) (40k miles or so), I decided to do some internet research into 'whirring/whizzing' from the engine in 1st, 2nd and to some extent 3rd gear.

To see that I might end up paying that AND another whack of hundreds of pounds makes me feel sick!

From what I see hear it's likely to be the same problem that everyone else has experienced.

I take it the garage will be aware of the extended warranty if I tell them? From what everyone is saying, Honda HQ don't appear to be overly willing to tell Jazz owners about it when asked?


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03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - greenjazz

If you take your car to a honda dealer they will apply to hq for the work and parts to be covered under extended warranty, they will ask to see the service book, must have all stamps at correct intervals but not necessarily from honda franchise, they will then carry out a short test drive and visual inspection of the vehicle on the ramp, looking for damage to the gearbox from speed bumps or similar, They may check the fluid level in the box. If you tick these boxes i cant see them refusing your claim as you fall within the seven years and 100k. Good luck

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - minime

Hi all.

No surprise to learn that i'm another one who's experiencing these problems. I have a 2004 honda civic ctdi manual ( mileage 53k).

My situation is such that when i did take the car in to Crown Honda in Hendon, London, at first they denied it was a known fault but after some toing and froing between them and honda UK, they reduced the bill from £1450ish to £480 (inc vat)- agreeing for Honda to supply the parts FOC and this cost just covers the labour fee. For this they were sorting out the gearbox bearings, replace the 5th gear fork ( the car now doesn't make the noises as before but for the past 3ish months doesn't go into 5th gear)and fit a new clutch.

Just wanted it sorted so agreed. This was back in late January.

Then there was a delay in getting the parts ( they told me to use the car in the meanwhile since it is driveable even though no 5th gear), and more delays for them to provide a courtesy car whilst mine was with them.

When it did go in early March, they had the car with them over 48 hours (courtesy car due back that evening) & I then got a call saying that it's not the bearings but that gearbox has been leaking oil which is the cause of the problem and so Honda won't cover the cost of this and quoted bill of £2450+ for new gearbox & that gearbox needs replacing ASAP cos could seize up completely.. Honda willing to go to £1950+ but not prepared to go any further. Since then been batted around between Honda and the dealership.

My main annoyance is that they misdiagnosed initially ,since apparently they drove it and agreed it was the bearings straightaway, but when the car was on the ramp for the work they then saw 'the real fault', while in the meantime they said the car was ok for me to use for the 6 weeks inbetween, and there has been no signs of any fluid leak on the driveway.

They said service bulletin for bearings only covered on petrol gearboxes NOT diesels. Each step of the way they have been so slapdash and difficult in every way.

Any advise on where to go from here, before i give up completely on them.

And do i then just get a reconditioned box and sell it- since am losing faith in the car and am loathe to getting another honda again.

Many thanks

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - CP73

Thanks greenjazz. It's booked in for the end of the week to be looked at so we'll see how it goes.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - CP73

Well, that's the gearbox bearings sorted. My local Honda dealer sorted it under the Service Bulletin extended warranty, BUT, they told me that another guy who had brought his Jazz in, after reading about the warranty, etc, had his claim refused by Honda. Don't know the details of why that might be (age of car? mileage?).

Happy that it's fixed but disappointed generally in Honda that I had to do the research and find out about the extended warranty (thanks to Honest John Back Room!) - Honda would've been quite happy for me to stump up a few hundred quid for something that they were potentially covering.

Thanks guys - you saved me a decent packet.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - boomka

@ Glinger Jazz

What era is your Jazz? I'm being told that the bulletin doesn't cover my 2005 Jazz. Honda HQ has no record of a bulletin covering my 55-reg Jazz. I'm still waiting to hear back from the dealer about whether or not they have a bulletin covering my specific VIN.


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03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - how

Hi guys

I think i have this problem. Whats the best way to check. I hear a noise but i'm not sure if it's to does with the gearbox.

Do i drive with the windows up and radio off. Should i go up to 15mph in first and 25 in second gear. My jazz is the 2004 model. I have done ony 18600 miles.

I worried can i get it repaired for free?

Any help would be welcome.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - boomka

How: turn on your car and drive in low gear at a slow speed and listen. The sound is a kind of 'whirring" or "whining" like a line of cable coming off a reel at high speed (I hope that helps...hahaha).

And don't worry just yet. There is a Service Bulletin and Extended Warranty covering this problem. It has recently been extended to cover all cars between about 2002 and 2008 as Grease Monkey rightly said earlier in the thread. I just got off the phone with my dealer and Honda HQ and am good to go.

Good luck. Let's hope you don't have the problem or if you do, that you qualify for the Extended Warranty.


03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - boomka

Thanks to Grease Monkey and to all the others in this thread for their helpful info.

I took my 2005 1.4L Manual Jazz (approx. 58,000 miles) into Stratstone Honda in Bedford for a recall on a window switch and a was told that I had a gearbox bearing problem. I'm not mechanically inclined, but I know enough to know that's bad. The transmission is fairly important, I'm told. :) I was quoted £600-700 by the dealer for repairs.

Some research on the problem turned up this thread and Grease Monkey's very helpful response. I contacted my dealer, asked about the Bulletin and they said they would find out whether or not my car qualified and get back to me. In the meantime I contacted Honda HQ (in the UK) and they had no record of a bulletin covering that problem and my era of car. I suspect the guy on the phone wasn't using good search parameters. He told me to contact the dealer because they would have the actual bulletins on hand. Moments later I got a call from the dealer confirming that the Service Bulletin had indeed been extended to cover Jazzes aging from 2005 onwards and that repairs would be done under warranty at no cost to me.

So, it seems like the best way to deal with this is to go through your dealer's Service Department as a first step. They have a better handle on what Service Bulletins exist and what they cover than the first line of phone pawns at Honda HQ. If you get grief from the dealer, then I would call Honda HQ and try to get up the chain of command a little further.

Anyway, the upshot is that Honda is going to stand behind their product and fix this problem. Bully for them. I know I'm not the only one who bought a Honda generally - and a Jazz specifically - because of their reputation for build quality and reliability. So good on Honda for honouring that aspect of their sales pitch and facing up to this problem.

Good luck, all.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - max7

Good for you, boomka. This site is exactly what web forums should be about....the masses helping each other! In days gone by, you'd quite possibly have phoned up Honda HQ, been fobbed off, gotten mad and then rebelled by going to a private garage (as experiences like this tend to make people avoid main dealers!), losing any chance of getting the extended warranty.

At least now you can check out other people's experiences online first and just maybe turn up a gem like this thread.

Must confess, I'd have been happier if Honda had actually extended the warranty to all vehicles affected, not just those that they deem worthy. Our 2002 just fell outside of the warranty period - typical. But at least Honda have acknowledged the problem...they could have just stuck their heads in the sand like many other manufacturers tend to do..and made at least some amends...and possibly retained a few future customers too.

Not us though, I might add!

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03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Turv

I've got an Honda jazz 04 plate, i'm phoning Honda soon, i have just had the same problems, my car has done 42K miles and i've got a whirring noise in 1st & 2nd gear that disappears at approx 35 mph, the rac told me the honda jazz was one of the most reliable cars on the market, its even rated 3rd in parkers car price guide after the honda civic, makes you wonder? i hope its true about the extended warranty? i'll soon find out. I'll get back with any info i have, good or bad.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Turv


I've done my homework on this issue.

1: Honda are not standing by the problem, its all rubbish and fabricated.

2: I've spoken to various gearbox specialists who have said "yes you can get it done for £400 + vat etc but dont expect the gearbox to last long and sell it if you paid for a cheap job".

3: changing the transmission oil and driving slowly won't help, the bearings are "SMASHED" forget it don't waste you money.

4: if it aint broke don't fix it! ok, do this at your own peril but it'll cost approx £1300 + compared to approx £700 for the job.

The above has been investigating by myself and to my knowledge is true, mine is booked in for repair, i'm having also a new clutch fitted, this is costing me £900, with out the clutch your looking at £700 (for a top job)

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Naffy

I have a 53 Jazz, with 58K on it, after reading all these posts about the gearbox issues I am getting paranoid about noises coming from mine, which I am am fairly sure is a wheel bearing starting to go.

How does the gearbox problem sound ?

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Turv

It's like a whirring noise in 1st & second gear

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Naffy

Thanks Turv,

Mine is not a whinning noise so it must be a wheel bearing. Touch wood I do not have the gearbox issue !

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Turv
It's my wifes car, i drove it to be repaired today, the noise is worse and it's reached 4th gear, the noise actually sounds like a dynamo on a bike wheel rubbing. I went later today at 5 pm to see how it's doing the gearbox is stripped and i saw the bearings, they are still in tact, but they rumble when spun. I would advise any one with this problem on the jazz or civic to get it fixed, the gearbox in my opinion was alot worse today than approx 3 weeks ago (200 mile) when i first heard the noise.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - trollyanne
I have a jazz se 1.4, and guess what? The gear box is whinning! Glad this thread is here as I'm hoping I will be able to use is to persuade Honda to take some responsibility. Has anyone else had any success?
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - wooddd

Yes, I've also experienced gearbox problems with my 5 years old Honda jazz. The car was hardly used and only recorded 7,500 miles on the clock (NB, this is the genuine mileage). The big issue currently is that it comes to so difficult to engage the reverse gear. The first and second gear also feel stiff though. As suggested here I've made complains to Honda UK considering it's a car with such a low mileage.

I'll keep you all updated when I have something back from Honda UK Customer Relations.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - wooddd

Honda UK quickly agreed to fix the Gear bearings on their cost if gearbox bearings were the issue (good for them and me ;). I called my local Honda Garage and they simply said the gear bearings would be surely the issue and scheduled to repair it next week.

I wonder whether I just let me repair the current problem or press Honda UK to simply replace the whole gearbox? If it was a design issue, would the problem reoccur after the repair?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - wooddd
It did not go smoothly as it sounds.

Drove my car to the local Honda dealer and 3 Honda engineers had a look at the reverse gear selection problem. They insisted the gear bearings of my Jazz were already a modified version and not under the extended warranty. Also they believed that the gear bearings were fine and it was somthing else to cause the problem of selecting the reverse gear.

They asked for my authorisation to open the gearbox, for which I have to pay £540 for labor only -- Honda UK my or may not contribute the cost.

I am now at the decision point -- should I go ahead to have further investigation or live with "known reverse gear selection issue" ?

Your suggestion is highly appreciated.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - musicangel

Am new here and know very little about cars so could do with some advice please.

I took my 2003 Honda Civic 1.4 S to have a service and MOT last week at the main dealers. At the same time I was informed that it had been noted that the bearings on the gearbox were noisy but that they could repair them under the warranty that I got when I bought the car almost a year ago. However, today I received a call from the main dealer to say that Honda were not prepared to cover this on the warranty and if I was to pay for it myself it would cost £800!

I called Honda myself and pointed out that as I have only done 3,000 miles since I bought the car the problem must have been there when I bought it but they refused to help.

Like I say I have very little idea when it comes to cars so wouldn't have realised there was a problem had it not been pointed out although I did think that it had become a bit noisy and reverse gear doesn't always go in the first time.

Do I need to have this sorted out urgently?

Am interested to hear that so many other people have had similar problems with Hondas. I bought a Civic from the main dealer as I expected not to have any problems for a few years as they have such a good reputation.

Any advice on this matter would be appreciated.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - Jazz owner

I have a 2003 Honda Jazz with gear box problems and a whining noise when I press on the accelerator. Many thanks for the advice about going to a transmission specialist. Saw this entry yesterday and just saved myself £170. Took my car to the dealer who wanted to charge me £680 to replace the bearings in my gear box. The transmission specialist is charging me £510 and has the bearings in stock (the Honda dealer would have had to order them in).. Whilst I was phoning around I got a call from Honda offering to reduce the fee from £680 to £600 if I agreed this week to let them do the job. Needless to say they won't be getting the job.

Thank you for your excellent advice.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - BusyJP
Our 2005(55) Jazz has been exhibiting the same whine for a while so we took it into Avonvale Honda for diagnosis.

A mechanic took the car out with me and confirmed a gearbox bearing fault. The service receptionist advised that the car would be covered by the extended warranty and booked it in immediately.

The clutch will be checked at the same time, saving quite a bit on labour if it needs replacing.

The car has covered 52K and has a full service history.

Hats off to Honda and my dealer for delivering a service beyond my expectations and to greasemonkey for alerting us to the issue.

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03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - fernman

My 1.2 Jazz which I bought brand new in March 2005 has done 43,000 miles, and in the last few weeks it has developed the gearbox symptoms described in this thread. My description of the noise is a sort of growly whirring noise in 1st and 2nd gears, and it can also be heard a bit in 3rd.

After what I've read in the posts on this thread, I'm not even going to bother asking my dealership about the extended gearbox warranty, because my car doesn't have a service history. After the first three free services, I've done everything myself, because I can't afford Honda's prices.

A local gearbox specialist has quoted me "about £450" (to which VAT will no doubt be added) to fit new bearing/s.

What's worrying me is that I'm due to go on a 500-to-600 miles round trip in four days time, and I've been told the worst case scenario is that the faulty bearing could break up and damage a seal which will result in transmission fluid entering the clutch, and if this happens while I'm on the motorway I won't know about it until I want to change gear....

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - EmmaLou

To Fenman - I didn't have a full sevice history either and they are going to pay!

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - jazzy00
Been given the run around by local dealer for over a year - told every other thing was wrong with car (now 70000+km). Eventually took to independent for service - problem diagnosed and advised about TB. called up Honda HQ who was non commital. Dealer double checked insisted that it was oil problem, then bearings problem and finally after fuss worked on gearbox under warranty but 'unable to provide job card as done under warranty- need to wait a couple weeks to be processed' - throughout process dragging process. Has less whining sound but terrible sound and shudder persists on start. Would apprciate any advice whether could be from work not carried out completely/properly or something else is wrong.
03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - pugbits

hi, i have a 2003 1.4 manual petrol civic and i want to change the input shaft bearing(s) myself as i have the box out & stripped already. can you advise on how many i should be looking to change? i can see the main input shaft bearing (needle type) but not many others that would be obvious candidates to be changed?? any help, descriptions or part numbers would be appreciated. thanks.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - EmmaLou

I want to say a big thank you to everyone for posting here. I have a 2005 Honda Jazz, 80,000 km on the clock, with the above-mentioned gearbox problems and on the strength of what I read here I went to my local Honda dealer in Germany where I live and they have just called me to say that Honda Germany has agreed to take over the whole cost (except for the oil!) I am overjoyed. I would never have come to the idea if it hadn't been for you guys. Great!

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - work_david

I have just seen this thread while searching for the same problem with my wifes car, took it into the dealer and it is the bearings .... unfortunatley the car is a couple of months over the 7 years old and not all the services have been done buy honda, so it is out of the warrantey (despite only doing 55,000 miles) and they won't give any goodwill.
Has anyone else managened to convince Honda to change their mind in the same situation?

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - aerobear

My mate's Jazz 2005 has gearbox problems and was quoted 6-800 to repair. My search found your website and the info re: extended warranty. He his on his way to the dealer in Liverpool who said to bring it in as it was covered by the extended warranty - no hassle, no argument - just acknowledging their responsibility. It is good to see a manufacturer doing the right thing.

PS A bit off subject but related to product and service quality - Apple computers provide a similar level of service and their computers are a pleasure to use. They are more expensive but worth every penny - just like Hondas.

Many thanks to Honest John and all who researched and posted their findings.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - chaddy107

Hi everyone,

I have a 07 Jazz just about to do 40,000.

I have noticed a sound in 1st and 2nd gear. The only way to describe it is its the same sound you get when the vehicle is reversing.

Is this same whirrring sound that people are talking about.

I've only had the car 2 years, what do i need to do to see if it can be done under the extended warranty ???

Do i phone Honda or do i just go to my local dealer ?

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - uk_coops

Thanks for to everyone for the advice. Our 2003 96,000 mile Jazz gearbox bearings went last week, way outside of the 7 year warranty period.

Took it to Honda who suggested an indepednant gearbox specialist and it's their now having the work done. Going to cost the best part of 1k (having clutch replaced as 90% worn).

We was thinking of scrapping due to mileage but the car has been bullet proof previously and still drives very well for a small car with high mileage.

I own a Civic too and still have strong confidence in Honda and like their cars. It was a bit like a Dyson hoover we have owned for 5 years - the head went, phoned them up and they sent us a new one as they have a standard 7 year warranty.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - neilbrew

yep same issue for me.

2004 1.4 Jazz with 67k miles. whiny gear box. taken to honda dealer who confirmed bearing problem and advised not to drive until repaired. dealer phoned Honda HQ about contribution to costs, reply was the wouldn't be prepared to contribute anything as the last 4 services were not by a honda dealer. repair quoted at £990.00 including replacement clutch. If they had not quoted the service issue (which is b****) and just said they would not contribute i might have let it go, but am going to contact honda U.K customer service and purse the matter.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - madf

You want Honda to contribute on a 9 year old car not officially maintained by Honda?

Good luck.

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - neilbrew

9 years old, yes but has still "only" done 67,000 miles. As I said, if they hadn't used the old "you didn't have it serviced by us" excuse I might have just accepted they won't contribute. Does everybody get their cars serviced at a main dealer?

Turns out there were 3 bearings that had collapsed in the gearbox, and a fourth on the way out, on a 67,000 mile regularly serviced car, thought Honda were known for their reliability?

even a £100.00 contribution would have been nice!!

P.S. the Hond dealer that is repairing the gearboxed asked if we wanted to buy a newer Jazz!

03 1.4 Gearbox Bearings and G/box oil changes. - madf

No doubt the garage that serviced it - which was not a Honda dealer - changed the gearbiox oil on the due mileage, using the correct oil and itemised it on the receipt they gave to you? (It MUST be a specific oil -there was a series of memos on this to delaers).

If they did not, then Honda are quite right to refuse any claims .

Read this: http://clubjazz.org/forum/index.php?topic=94.msg22487#msg22487

There are lots of other useful threads on the same subject...


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