1996 420 SLDi - How to Adjust the headlights ? - 420 Turbo Diesel
Hi,I was wondering if someone can shed some light (excuse the pun) on my headlight adjusting problem.Ever since I have had the car people very occasionally flash me thinking I am on main beam,but I am on low.So I thought I would lower the low beam to stop this as it is offensive to other drivers and annoying.The car does not have electrically adjustable headlights.I have found one adjuster,it is on the back of the headlight unit,it is a black mount with a 12mm black nut pointing up,this moves the adjuster in and out when turned,I lowered the low beam down but then found it also brought the high beam down as well.Is there anyway of adjusting the high beam back up,I have looked but nothing looks obvious to me.Any help will be much appreciated.Thankyou,,,Andrew...

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How to Adjust the headlights ? - Screwloose

If the main beams are set correctly; [parallel to each other, the longitudinal axis of the car and level ground] then the lamp is made to give the correct dip pattern.

If it doesn't; then the bulb dip filament may not be accurately positioned. It may be impact damaged - or just a cheap and nasty, but surprisingly expensive, one from Halfords.
1996 420 SLDi - How to Adjust the headlights ? - nev666
I have exactly the same problem with my MG, the headlights are electronically adjusted for height, from a roller switch on the right hand side of the dash just below the air vent. It has 4 settings 0-3. I find if i drive on low beam with the setting turned to 2 or 3 i dont have a problem. The 220 diesel we have also has the same switch, so i presume they are common to all.

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