99 1.6 overheating - old_git
I'll start by saying that my daughter's 1999 1.6 GL Polo WILL now be going in for a full service this weeek, BUT, it overheated to the point of flashing warning lights and the smell (and smoke) of burning oil last night. I had visions of a blown engine, but this morning I put water in the system, ran it up to working temperature, took it for a small local drive and left it to tick over for a while. All appears to be fine and dandy now. No souring temp guage, no strange noises, no funny smells. I've checked the oil level and taken off the filler cap. No signs of any water in the oil.

Are these engines that good that they're self healing overnight?! Professional opinions are most welcome as it'll help manage both mine and my daughter's expectations as to the upcoming size of garage bill.

Many thanks.

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Overheating - Railroad.
Common faults on these are the impeller breaking on the water pump. Also change the thermostat as a matter of cause.....
Overheating - old_git
Thanks Railroad. I'll mention them at the service. That should frighten the life out of my daughter's purse!

Still surprised that the damage doesn't appear as fatal as I expected last night.
99 1.6 overheating - ggh1
Check that the cooling fan is working. A few years ago I had the rad mounted fan motor switch fail on a Mk.1 Golf, it was very easy to replace and luckly did not damage to the 1.1L engine.
99 1.6 overheating - old_git
Thanks ggh1. It's booked in for some tlc tomorrow and I'll mention that possibility. Cheers.
99 1.6 overheating - old_git
Apologies for the delay in closing off this item with the punchline. Basically, the waterpump failed completely and the resulting heat also killed the thermostat. However, with new parts it was back as new.

Now the really sad news. After spending all that money fixing her car, my daughter was waiting at traffic lights wheh another car rammed the back of the Polo. As luck would have it the tow hook was hit and bent the chassis. It's now a write-off!

Life's a bitc..........
99 1.6 overheating - old_git
Oh yes, I forgot. Whilst chanding the waterpump, the cam belt was changed as well. Not the best bill I've ever been shown!!

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