Misplaced tax disc - Enoughalready

I have a car on contract hire & the tax disc was sent by post to me. I stupidly put it somewhere safe and now can't find it. It's at home somewhere!!

Whilst I continue to search what can happen should I get stopped for displaying the incorrect tax disc showing the now expired date of 12 07 even though the vehicle is actually taxed until 09?

I have only just remembered that I'm running around displaying the old disc.

Many thanks
Misplaced tax disc - Peter D
I know where it is. It's in the last place you looked when you found it. !!! Inform DVLA immediately although you may have to go through the contract hire company with some urgency. You are exposed for failing to display, visual or ANPR detection although the latter would itentify the vechile as taxed. Regards Peter
Misplaced tax disc - Alby Back
I agree, you need to tell the hire / leasing co. urgently.

Amusingly though, I once inadvertantly drove around for about a month with no tax disc at all. What had happened was that my then new Ford Galaxy had been broken into and some things stolen. Repairs were made and I carried on using the car without noticing that the tax disc had also been stolen. Perhaps even more incredible was that in the course of that time I had to make a business trip to Northern Ireland and my car was the subject of a random police check on my return to Stranraer. Still, neither I nor the police noticed that the disc was missing ! I think it was just one subsequent weekend when I was cleaning it that it occurred to me that the bottom right hand corner of the windscreen had something missing. This was about seven or eight years ago and I suppose the ANPR system was either not being used yet or was very rare.
Misplaced tax disc - Galaxy
It won't show up on ANPR, the vehicle is taxed and the records will show this.

All you could be done for would be failure to display, a £20 fine, I think.

Misplaced tax disc - *Gongfarmer*
I had my lost one replaced using a form I obtained from the post office. Cost £5 i recall but that must have been 10 years ago........
Misplaced tax disc - Enoughalready
Thanks all,

I'll have one last thorough look tonight before contacting the CH company. I blame SWMBO and her incessant tidying up!!
Misplaced tax disc - Dwight Van Driver
Have you looked under the one on display now.?

Misplaced tax disc - Clanger
I lost my disc in '06. That is to say, I knew where it went. Down a gap in the dash. £20 fine vs. £7 to replace. Hardly worth considering in view of the lack of anyone to check.
Misplaced tax disc - martint123
I've just realised that one of my bike tax disks is sat on the desk in front of me. Looks like I've been riding since August with the old one.
Misplaced tax disc - Cliff Pope
This sort of annoying thing would be less likely to happen if the new disc were immediately valid for display, instead of having to be stored safely for several weeks. This idiotic requirement for one to nip out on the stroke of midnight and swap the discs is bound to lead to either loss or forgetting to display.
What's the point?
Misplaced tax disc - henry k
Why make life complicated ?
Just use a tiny bit of sellotape, and immediately on receipt of the new disk, stick it alongside the existing one.
This will keep you legal beyond the stroke of midnight, keep your slippers and jim-jams dry and hopefully before 12 months elapse you can swop the disc over. :-)

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