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04 Heater+blower (Manual controlled) - Deepdale
My heater/air-con comes on full blast every time the engine is on. Can't seem to turn it off. The circular switch doesn't seem to work. Both heater and air con are certainly working, the car is as warm as toast or cool as ice, but I can' t seem to get them to stop!! Any ideas?

Edited by Pugugly {P} on 10/01/2008 at 23:59

Heater+blower - Screwloose

What year and manual or auto air-con?
Heater+blower - Deepdale
May04 and manually controlled air-con
Heater+blower - Screwloose

On that year the feed comes from fuse 18 [40A] through a relay in the smart fusebox and then through the speed-control switch in the A/C control.

The only obvious ways for it to get permanent full power is for that switch panel to have failed; or the wiring to have shorted.
Heater+blower - elekie&a/c doctor
I would think that the electronic fan speed regulator is faulty.It is part of the blower motor unit but can be replaced as a seperate part.It is located behihd dash and access from pass side footwell.Part cost about £80 from Citroen/Peugeot.hth
Heater+blower - RichardW
This is possibly the same as the control unit fitted to the Xantia, whereby fan speed is controlled by power transistors. If it is, and you're handy with the soldering iron, you can replace the transistors.
Heater+blower - Screwloose

The wiring diagram for the manual one does show a 4-step switch and a resistor pack - but AD have been wrong before.....
Heater+blower - dereckr
I had this problem on my Xsara (2002 Hdi). The speed regulator module inside the fan unit was faulty. Don?t bother trying to repair?I couldn?t identify the devices fitted, despite research. The main dealer charged £45.00 plus Vat for the part. Fan control has been fine since. It's not too difficult to replace, given care.
Heater+blower - DavePhillips1
hi i have a berlingo hdi air con with a blower problem, it just stays on all the time. i have priced speed controller and is about £88 and you have managed to get it a little cheaper about £45, can you tell me where please?
04 Heater+blower (Manual controlled) - martin54
I have the same problem with my 02 xsara hdi90, changed the blower unit still wont switch off unless i turn ignition off is there another relay somewere that could be at fault
04 Heater+blower (Manual controlled) - JimboStlawrence

Hi my citroen xsara has just developed exactly the same issue. Did you manage to find a solution to this? Possiobly ECU?



04 Heater+blower (Manual controlled) - german

my picasso vtx only works on the fourth setting new motor or what ?

04 Heater+blower (Manual controlled) - Gibbo_Wirral

Could be the resistor pack. Do a search, its a common issue.


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