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(04-07) 1.6 tdci where's the oil filter ? - mustangman
I've just had my car serviced by one of the major chains.
Being the suspicous type, I've tried to check the work charged for.
So I've had a look around the engine expecting to see a nice new clean screw-on type oil filter. I even resorted to removing the undertray and looking from underneath.
Strangly I cannot see anything resembling a filter.

Now I'm old enough to remember opening a bonnet and seeing the ground around the engine, ( eg. Morris Minor ) and seeing the few ancillaries easily. On a modern engine it's much harder to see of course, but could some kind person explain where the filter is and if it is possible to check if it's been replaced.

Many thanks if you can help.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 09/01/2008 at 12:22

(04-07) 1.6 tdci where's the oil filter ? - Screwloose
Oil filters have returned to the old [Morris Minor] type paper element because of high disposal costs.

The filter housing will be black plastic with a big hexagon on the removable top.

Edited by Screwloose on 09/01/2008 at 13:02

(04-07) 1.6 tdci where's the oil filter ? - bikerider
Right side of engine,just above the g/box. If you follow the intercooler pipe down you'll see the oil filter housing
(04-07) 1.6 tdci where's the oil filter ? - jmcq
I still can't find the filter housing. Would it be possible to send me a photo?
(04-07) 1.6 tdci where's the oil filter ? - Ben 10
Remove the plastic engine cover. Feel through pipework on right hand side of block. just below the plastic pipework to the air filter. You will have to remove this to get the socket on it.It is at a 45 degree angle pointing toward battery. Hope this helps. I couldn't see it either, until her indoors used fresh eyes on it. Let me know if you find it.

Edited by scribe on 24/01/2008 at 18:58

(04-07) 1.6 tdci where's the oil filter ? - jmcq
Have now found the oil filter.
(04-07) 1.6 tdci where's the oil filter ? - Ben 10
You'll need a 27mm socket to remove this. Just serviced mine. And you don't need to get under the car to do it. Paper filter goes in housing.

Edited by scribe on 11/01/2008 at 21:36

(04-07) 1.6 tdci where's the oil filter ? - scouse_mouse
It took me a while to find this too. A related question, has anyone ever changed the air filter on a Focus 1.6 TDCI?

I assume it's the oblong black box at the front right of the engine bay?

Halfords don't seem to stock a suitable filter (or at least their flip book in the store isle doesn't list one).

I'm interested to hear people's views on this. Thanks

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